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Video-0022 A Master’s Only Obligation is to Liberate People
Since ancient times, all enlightened Masters have promised us this. They came down here for this purpose only: to help people get immediate enlightenment and be liberated in one lifetime. They have no other mission. These are the true Masters. The one who has attained ..(more)
Video-0101D Learning to be Buddha One Will Become a Buddha
We have to deliver ourselves. That fixed karma is hard to change. What is fixed karma? It’s the karmic retribution. To be free from suffering, we have to keep the precepts. Buddha cannot save us. He only shows us the way. Buddha followed the precepts, the way, the law. ..(more)
Video-0159K The Benefit of Spiritual Practice
The Quan Yin Method which you asked me to tell you is to let people know their Buddha Nature. It will wake-up the Buddha inside you to manage your life, therefore your life becomes good and smooth. You don't use your worldly mind to work anymore. And I also told you ..(more)
Video-0184 Maitreya Buddha & 6 Children. The Truth About The World
Sometimes when we meditate, we perceive beautiful children leaving us one by one. They're our bad qualities. Don't think that you're perceiving immortal children and feel reluctant to leave them. Sometimes they'll apologize and then say, "Good-bye," or ..(more)
Video-0240 Leading the World into a New Era
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lecture: Our life, our time here, is very short so we have to make the best use of it. Don't ask people to serve us. We have to ask how we can serve people all the time and we'll never go wrong. What do we need, that people ..(more)
Video-0333 How Suffering Can Lead Us to Happiness
“Now, in this world, we have found a lot of suffering as well as happiness, and most of the people would like to know why there is suffering and how to find happiness. The question to me is not to eliminate so much of the suffering and not to gain more happiness but to ..(more)
Video-0357 Perceive the Truth by Inner Wisdom
After we reach the Truth inside, we have both virtues and beauty. All that we like to cultivate for a great gentleman, we will find after we realize the Truth. And it’s nothing that we could describe about the Truth, except when we perceive it, we will be changed into ..(more)
Video-0371 The Best Way to Learn is through Experience
We present to you the following discussion between Supreme Master Ching Hai and General Jun Kwan in Seoul, Korea. "There are some experiences one has to go through, not just talking, just like knowing about having a baby and having a baby is different, You have ..(more)
Video-0400(1.2) A Passionate Evening
The good news is that we can all take part in bringing peace and beauty to the world! With the spirit of true compassion, we can be God’s instrument to elevate the world in a natural and selfless way. Helping others brings more meaning and joy to our lives, and reveals ..(more)
Video-0401 The Mystery of Cause and Effect
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai's lecture: To look into the past record is a very terrible journey. It's no good. Like today, I had to look into someone's record, and sometimes that someone involves many others. It's not easy to look into someone's record and ..(more)
Video-0419A To Realize God We Have to Go Beyond Religion
Now Jesus said, there is one God, creating Almighty. And He also said there is a God inside you. So this one and this one, one, similar. Right, so if the Buddha said, there is a Buddha nature within you who knows everything, who can do everything, who is liberated, who ..(more)
Video-0419B The Enlightened Master is Beyond All Religions
All go to the soul. What’s important is the Master. Whenever you remember the Master, He will send, if the Master is a very highly developed person, highly realized person, He can send energy, to help you to meditate. If we know the human brain completely (How to ..(more)
Video-0444(1.2) Rely on Yourself
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lecture: Whenever we love someone else, we love ourselves. We really boost our glory! It's not that we help anyone; we help ourselves! Please remember this: Whenever you do something good, it's the will of Heaven; it's good ..(more)
Video-0455 It’s Not Too Late to Get Enlightenment
That’s the trouble with our world. Everyone is so humble and so shy, and does not try to express our feelings and does not try hard to achieve what we want to do. Our shyness and fear sometimes inhibit us and let us get stuck in our daily routine despite our eagerness ..(more)
Video-0493 Appreciate the Value of Initiation
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lecture: Only when we are sincere, will God bring us to the path that is suitable for us. After we have found that path we must be careful not to seek blessings from any other source, since they will lower our spiritual ..(more)