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Video-0908(1~6) THE KING & CO.
Presenting “The King & Co.”, an original series written and directed via remote control by Supreme Master Ching Hai: Enter the hilarious royal court of Đại Ngôn’s king and his mandarins, virtuous or not! Filled with suspenseful plots, unforgettable characters, and ..(more)
Video-0925 Birds of Paradise
Take flight into the spectacular, winged world of our avian co-inhabitants with the first animation of its kind, “Birds of Paradise.” A unique flock of ten birds and their human mom – she of the “golden feathers” – show that there is no love greater than family ..(more)
Video-1010(1~4) Loving The Silent Tears The Musical
Inspired by Supreme Master Ching Hai’s profound poetry collection Silent Tears, this spectacular musical takes us on a magical train ride to 16 countries across 6 continents. We accompany Joy, a bitter, bereaved mother, and Pete, a worldly coming-of-age youth. Guided ..(more)
Video-999 (1.2.3)  "The Real Love" ─ The Musical for Supreme Master Television's 5th Anniversary
"An Oscar-winning composer has given life now to a brand new musical." (KCAL Channel 9) "Supreme Master TV has made an impact on the Hollywood scene." (Pasadena Weekly) "It’s a phenomenal creative company put together." (K-Mozart) The Real Love: The world ..(more)