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Video-  A Little Hardship Awakens Our Love and Compassion (2019.01.27)
Now I live on a small island over here. I’ve been busy taking care of the new place and dealing with many other things. So I thought of you and felt sorry for you. Maybe you are also busy like this every day. Today I thought, no matter what the situation is, I’m still ..(more)
Video-  Eating Fresh Food During the Best Times Is Important for Spiritual Practitioners (2018.11.26)
If possible, you don't eat leftover food, OK? Because the demons, they favor leftover food, so they will, kind of, takeaway the purity of the food. So, if you eat it again, you are mixing with the demon's energy. Not too good. Try to cook just enough and then you just ..(more)
Video-  Eating Fruit and Vegetables for Optimum Health (2018.08.23)
Hey,you guys should not eat too many sweets, OK? Eat fruit instead. Eat sometimes OK, but… a bite or two maybe OK, now and then. But it’s sweet, you know already that they destroy vitamins in your body, yeah? And also, no good for the brain. Not because it’s freely ..(more)
Video-  Keep Replenishing Our Protection Power and Be Unconditional (2018.07.05)
Here is the best for you. Outside maybe you earn a lot of money but then you will spend a lot also, sweating around just for something; not as good as here. Here you are working to spread the good teaching. That’s the best merit. If you don’t believe me, you ask the ..(more)
Video-  Pure Love of the Wild Animals (2018.11.02)
We do it for humans, for others, for the planet, for other fellow beings, and also for the animals. I love animals so much. I love them so much. Sometimes, I feel like I love them more than humans. It’s not fair but it’s the way it is. Just like that, it’s so easy to ..(more)
Video-  Remember the Master with Absolute Faith and Devotion (2019.02.05)
I had a message from Heaven, and I checked it out, from the Original Heavens. I checked it out. I was also curious myself, which group has more enlightened disciples. Guess which group? Yeah, it’s our group. Yeah, I was surprised too, because in many other countries, ..(more)
Video-  Supreme Master Ching Hai ’s Devoted Love Transforms the Lives of Animals in Need (2018.05.22)
Getting better; I hope, I do hope. Wherever I go, I donate what I can and wherever I can and whenever I can. I just hope for these examples would lead on to something better for all of our beautiful friends, because animals are really, really good. All these dogs are ..(more)
Video-  Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Newly Created Spiritual Land for the Worthy (2018.12.19)
I have created a special area, a special spiritual land for all of you and whoever, under the wings, under my wings. Which is better, beyond and better than the Fifth Level. And we could even save the worst. The ones who really have faith in the Master. And we will be ..(more)
Video-  Taking Care of the Homeless As Our Family (2019.03.10)
The true renunciates, who really listen to Buddha’s teachings and precepts, they can be liberated beyond the Three Worlds, not necessarily to the Fifth Level. And when you eat, you should make offering to all the Masters. Three timelines of Masters, from the past, ..(more)
Video-  The Five Virtues of Confucianism (2019.02.02)
Therefore, don’t buy products that contain honey for me. It’s not that I’m not appreciative. I appreciate you try to take care of me, even on minor details. It’s just that I don’t want to hurt others because of taking care of myself. In this way, we have real ..(more)
Video-  The Surangama Sutra: The Demonic States of the Feeling Skandhas (Continued) (2018.12.27)
But the person who reached this state of extreme self-satisfaction, he thinks he is above everything. But this is just one state, which is called “viewing oneself as supreme, but lacking wisdom to save oneself” even. You can’t even save yourself, not to talk about ..(more)
Video-  The Surangama Sutra: The Demonic States of the Form and Feeling Skandhas (2018.12.26)
So, when you practice the Tao, or the Truth, or the Dharma, the Way, you will encounter ten kinds of samadhic experiences from inside. And then you may mistake these for some ultimate enlightenment. And thus, some of the demons who are correspondent to your state of ..(more)
Video-  The Surangama Sutra: The Demonic States of the Thinking Skandhas (2018.12.28)
You can see many different religious orders, people copy the Masters and do all kinds of rituals and all kinds of ways, just to entrap people in there and make them busy with just rituals; useless, all kinds of useless things, wasting their time and obstructing them ..(more)
Video-  The Surangama Sutra: The Four Clear and Unalterable Instructions on Purity (Conclusion) & Establishing a Place for Awakening (2018.12.24)
The precepts are very important, not only for nuns and monks, but for you as well, if you want to be liberated while you are taking care of your duties in the world according to your karma. Not everyone can be nuns and monks, of course. It's a very difficult ..(more)
Video-  The Surangama Sutra: The Four Clear and Unalterable Instructions on Purity - Refrain from Stealing and Lying (2018.12.23)
In the old times, they don’t have these kinds of industrialized animal farms. They don’t confine them into little cages until they could move no more and all that. And still the Buddha said, “No.” Not to talk about nowadays, they just abuse them and force them until ..(more)