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Video-0771 A Youth's Passion
Did you know that Supreme Master Ching Hai wrote her First poem when she was only 7 years old? Would you like to hear about Master’s first love? In this video/audio, Master gives us an interesting account of her early years as a young student, and of her feelings as a ..(more)
Video-0858(1.2) Awakening a Peaceful Planet––Toward a Heavenly Earth
This video/audio describes various activities of a great Saint, Supreme Master Ching Hai, in awakening a peaceful planet, from preaching the Quan Yin Method and teaching people how to realize their greatness and wisdom within, to helping victims of urgent need and ..(more)
Video-SunTV(1,28,29) Art and Spirituality
Sun TV01 A Brief Biography of the Supreme Master Ching Hai Sun TV28 Exhibition of Body, Mind & Spirit Art Creation Date: 2003 Taipei Municipal Social Education Hall Sun TV29 The Way to ..(more)
Video-TV1 Walk the Way of a Living Saint
Main contents Charity and Relief Work in Formosa Supreme Master's Ching Hai's Journey to Africa Introduction Touched by the loving example of Supreme Master Ching Hai's selfless dedication, ..(more)
Video-TV4 Love Beyond Boundaries
On December 26, 2004, a massive earthquake and series of tsunamis struck South Asia, causing the greatest disaster in a hundred years. As details of the colossal catastrophe continued to emerge, love and merciful concern surged forth from around the world and relief ..(more)
We will search high and low for a little love, for a little love, to share with all beings in all corners of the world. ~ Supreme Master Ching Hai ..(more)