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Video-0022 A Master’s Only Obligation is to Liberate People
Since ancient times, all enlightened Masters have promised us this. They came down here for this purpose only: to help people get immediate enlightenment and be liberated in one lifetime. They have no other mission. These are the true Masters. The one who has attained ..(more)
Video-0101D Learning to be Buddha One Will Become a Buddha
We have to deliver ourselves. That fixed karma is hard to change. What is fixed karma? It’s the karmic retribution. To be free from suffering, we have to keep the precepts. Buddha cannot save us. He only shows us the way. Buddha followed the precepts, the way, the law. ..(more)
Video-0147 Things Are Upside Down In Our World
You see, the dead is stronger than the living. Same with dead Masters, they’re stronger than living Masters. Our life is like that. You see how many dead Master are famous and how many people worship them every day, every year, every time, every minute. You see for ..(more)
Video-0156B The Six Paths to Perfection
In the Diamond Sutra, the Buddha said that there are Six Perfection: Giving, Keeping the precepts, Tolerance, Diligence, Meditation, then Wisdom. What is giving? Giving money, giving effort, giving mental support, and giving spirituality. The Buddha said that giving ..(more)
Video-0159G Divine Grace from a Living Buddha’s Picture
The person who has attained Buddha Nature, their Buddha Nature and our Buddha Nature are connected, so when we remember them, it’s the same as remembering ourselves. But believing in Him/Her means we believe in the all-encompassing Buddha Nature of ourselves, nothing ..(more)
Video-0159K The Benefit of Spiritual Practice
The Quan Yin Method which you asked me to tell you is to let people know their Buddha Nature. It will wake-up the Buddha inside you to manage your life, therefore your life becomes good and smooth. You don't use your worldly mind to work anymore. And I also told you ..(more)
Video-0161 Meditation is the Source of Love
Why do my disciples like Quan Yin Method? It is because they have benefited from it. The more they meditate, the more they feel the difference. They feel they are glowing, - even their outer appearance is changed. When we meditate, if we can focus all our attention on ..(more)
Video-0180,0181 Spiritual Songwriting Festival in 1991 - Celestial Notes in the Air
In July of 1991, the first Spiritual Songwriting Festival was held in Hsihu, Taiwan (Formosa). Our Association members humbly sang songs of praise for Master's infinite love and the wonderful Quan Yin Method, and expressed their immense joy on the spiritual path with ..(more)
Video-0184 Maitreya Buddha & 6 Children. The Truth About The World
Sometimes when we meditate, we perceive beautiful children leaving us one by one. They're our bad qualities. Don't think that you're perceiving immortal children and feel reluctant to leave them. Sometimes they'll apologize and then say, "Good-bye," or ..(more)
Video-0186 A Real Master's Clothes
Then how can we tell that our Master is enlightened and others who wear fashionable clothes are not real Masters? We should look at how he gives initiation. We should look at how he lives and how he acts. Also, we should look at what his power is like. Can he manifest ..(more)
Video-0223 Create a Permanent Heaven for Yourself and Later Generations
We should generate always goodness, in thoughts, in deeds, and in speech in order to derive the goodness that we have sown. And the more we step into goodness, the nearer to goodness, the more we are merged into this Heavenly quality, the more we are near to Heaven. I ..(more)
Video-0240 Leading the World into a New Era
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lecture: Our life, our time here, is very short so we have to make the best use of it. Don't ask people to serve us. We have to ask how we can serve people all the time and we'll never go wrong. What do we need, that people ..(more)
Video-0247 Quan Yin Method Is the Whole Entity
The best thing that ever happened to us since many thousand million trillion of eons is Quan Yin Method. Hell and death are only for people who don’t know themselves. Otherwise, we never die. We have to know that, and we know through Quan Yin Method. But, practice you ..(more)
Video-0260 The Mystery of the World Beyond
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai's lecture: What is beyond this world that’s better than our world? Everything that we can imagine and can’t imagine. Once we experience it, we know. No one else can really tell us. But we have to be persistent in that, and we ..(more)
Video-0267 The Old Lady Who Sold Poverty
The piece of gauze on her body was transformed into a cassock with five patches. So the Buddha turned her over to Mahāprajāpatī Gautamī to teach her and initiate her. She practiced very diligently, and achieved the level of Arhat soon. Ananda was very curious and ..(more)