Video-0455 It’s Not Too Late to Get Enlightenment
Video-0455 It’s Not Too Late to Get Enlightenment
No. 0455
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 1994.11.26
Place / (Thailand) Hat Yai
Translation / Thai
Language / English
Time (mins) / 30,29,25,32,22
Published date / 2018.05
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That’s the trouble with our world. Everyone is so humble and so shy, and does not try to express our feelings and does not try hard to achieve what we want to do. Our shyness and fear sometimes inhibit us and let us get stuck in our daily routine despite our eagerness to find some new solution or some new meaning to our life. And that’s also the reason why I think many of us cannot attain enlightenment, even though the Buddha has promised that every one of us will become Buddha. He is the one who became the Buddha, but we will become Buddha. He said all of us have Buddha Nature.

Spiritual practice concerns the mind, not the body. After the mind is controlled, the body is controlled. That’s why we do not emphasize to people that they have to practice the position first, but we emphasize that we will give you the extra controlling power, so that at the beginning of your practice you can immediately calm your mind and have an immediate result of enlightenment. We help you to unlock your controlling power from the highest source of the Buddha Nature, or what we call the Kingdom of God in different religions. The secret is we know the way. If we don’t know the secret, it doesn’t matter how hard we try, how sincere we are, we will not have results, as we wanted.

The Buddha has 84,000 methods to teach the disciples. I think I'll make use of every one of them. Anything that can help sentient beings to realize their true nature and leave aside the attachment at the end, it is a good method, it's a good way. It is the same way of learning, just a more charming, more attractive way of learning. Just a way of putting color into this miserable situation and trying to make the best out of our lives while we are waiting for our final liberation from the physical prison.

Because the real transmission doesn’t need language - and then you will be awakened. Your spiritual wisdom opens and you might see the (inner Heavenly) Light and hear the Self-Nature. Like the Buddha said, “Listen inward, listen to your Self-Nature.” Or, like in the Bible, it says, “the Word of God.” These Lights from Heaven or from Buddha’s Land and the melodious teaching from Heaven or from Buddha’s Land, it is our own Self-Nature, and that will make us wiser and freer each day. And then, more and more we will rely on our Self-Nature and our Self Master inside, and the outside Master is only standing by and helping.

Actually, you are already liberated, just you don’t know. So, you need clearing, with the initiation and the meditation process, to clear your vision. Not only you are liberated, your deceased relatives, many generations, will also derive from your merit and be liberated as well. That’s guaranteed. But to become a Buddha, it takes maybe longer. Because you have forgotten that you are a Buddha for a long time now, it takes a long time to remember again. That’s why we need to meditate every day. Because the teacher is responsible for your liberation and will take you out of the transmigration after you leave this world.