Video-0608 The Methods of Spiritual Improvement
Video-0608 The Methods of Spiritual Improvement
No. 0608
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 1997.12.26
Place / (USA) Washington D.C.
Language / English
Time (mins) / 98
Published date / 2002.06
Updated date / 2015.10
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  • Summary

Master explains how to be more still in meditation, the secret to making progress in practice, and ways to handle your fear and disturbances by inner beings during meditation.

Master emphasizes the importance of putting Master's teaching into practice and the true purpose of a retreat.

The "Real" Master is not the body. Master elaborates the reasons why a True Master must always suffer in the physical body and why people have different kinds spiritual experiences, inner and outer.

Master suggests us to transform the negative influences of others with the power of love.

  1. What are the troubleshooting tips to improve meditation practice?
  2. Why should we cut the subtle attachments to outer rituals and practices?
  3. Is it possible to live in a blissfully enlightened state on Earth, free from the incessant battle between positive and negative forces?
  4. Master illustrates the strict selection process for the mantle of Mastership by narrating a Sikh story.
  5. There is much wisdom contained in the precepts of ancient masters. Please listen to Master's advice to married and single fellow initiates.
  6. Can Maya (the Negative Power) ever entrap a soul, who attains Mastership after physical death, if it decides to descend into the lower (material) creation again?
  7. Every master teaches us to put down the world. What is the true meaning in "put down the world"?
  8. Why does a master need a body? Can he/she continue teaching the disciples after he/she dies?
  9. What are the different qualities and characteristics in a man and a woman?
  10. We should associate with the good initiates and the saints. How can we touch and change the family members who surround us?