00592 The Importance Of Finding An Enlightened Master
00592 The Importance Of Finding An Enlightened Master
No. 00592
Category / Lecture Tours-America
Event date / 19890616
Place / Brazil
Language / English
Translation / Potuguese
Time (mins) / 112
Publication No. / video-83
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when we see someone always deep in samadhi and so sweet and always smiling and blesses us; we think they are fantastic.It's difficult to experience such deep samadhi even for 1 minute or 5 minutes.Therefore those have achieved this kind of samadhi, this stage of tranquillity are great saints.They have great control power over their minds. But it's even more difficult to be in samadhi and to be in the world at the same time.To have this inner tranquillity but to have the outer function to deal with all types of people in order to pull them out of their illusion.This is the stage of perfect enlightened master, like Jesus, like Buddha, etc



 1.Why the master is being in the world then master has to deal with all kinds of people, all kinds of temperament, all kinds of mental obstruction and accordingly has to give different remedies.

2.Why is difficult to become a master,And therefore it is hard to judge a master.

3.If we have not been somehow enlightened, we have maybe first time saw a master or maybe the short time following a master and the master gave you two potatoes and tell you to eat them all and tell you 3 or 4 times again. What do you think?  You will think strange.

4. When the master gives us something with love and blessing,What the meaning of two potatoes.

5. How can we abandon the selfishness inside our heart?

6.Can a dog have a master's love?

7. How can we stop using marijuana and cigarettes?

8. Can we become Masters by studying the God's word and by knowing to interpret correctly?

9. What is meditation?

10. Do you believe in devil, Satan?

11. When we get enlightened, are we better able to resolve real problem such as abrupt changes, loss changes, and effective changes and difficult things like these?