Video-0909(1.2) Gifting Peace -- Supreme Master Television’s 4th Anniversary Celebration
Video-0909(1.2) Gifting Peace -- Supreme Master Television’s 4th Anniversary Celebration
No. 909
Category / Entertainment
Event date / 2010.09.07
Place / (USA) Los Angeles, CA
Language / English
Time (mins) / 114,119
Published date / 2011.01
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“Love is the principle of the universe. It's the building block to anything that exists, now or in the future. If we are full of love, then we are more near to God.”

~ Supreme Master Ching Hai


“Supreme Master Television, in recognition of your 4th anniversary, the State Senate of California commends and salutes your constructive programming, as you and the artistic community commemorate the occasion of your milestone achievement.”

~ The Honorable Ron Calderon, California State Senator


“On behalf of all artists and entertainers involved, I’d like to add that we’re so glad to have this chance to be inspired by her poetry and bring it forth for a wider audience to enjoy through this concert. Indeed, Supreme Master Ching Hai is an extraordinary lady who gives and gives with compassion and grace.”

~ Eric Roberts, Oscar-nominated vegan actor


On September 7, Golden Year 7 (2010), Supreme Master Television’s 4th anniversary was commemorated with a vibrant concert replete with international flair. The concert, entitled “Gifting Peace,” was hosted by two highly accomplished vegans: four-time NBA basketball champion John Salley and CNN/CBS legal analyst Lisa Bloom. Featuring many esteemed participants, the concert took audience members on a memorable journey through the realms of poetry, music, and dance. In addition, Supreme Master Ching Hai set aside her precious time to grace the event via teleconference as Guest of Honor.

Supreme Master Ching Hai fulfilled the longing of many audience members and agreed to a spontaneous question-and-answer session in which she shared her insights on love, peace, and forgiveness, and what they mean for us, our animal co-inhabitants, and our beautiful planet.

During the session actor Patrick Kilpatrick asked, “Supreme Master, I think we can all embrace your message of love and kindness and forgiveness. But in the case of violence and war, when we say it never has a place, don’t these rights, even in the vegan world, have to be defended sometimes, in the most extreme circumstances?”

Master answered, “But the thing is, I would never agree to violence. It doesn’t matter what circumstances. Suppose people come here and want to take my life, for example. And I have no other choice at all and I just let them, because I will have another life. In the universe, everything will take care of itself in time, if we just let it and if we adhere to the principle of love, meaning that we will not cause harm to anyone, even in self-defense. Because we forget, whenever we make war with someone, then that moment, we forget the principle of love; we forget ourselves; we cut a part of our love away from ourselves. And that’s why we must always forgive, must always love, must always love thy enemy.”

Then, for her great efforts in assisting humanity as a world-renowned humanitarian, artist, and spiritual teacher, Supreme Master Ching Hai was recognized with the Presidential Volunteer Service Award from US President His Excellency Barack Obama, presented by The Honorable Mike Davis, California State Assembly member.

“Gifting Peace,” the theme of the concert, was inspired by Supreme Master Ching Hai’s poem “Let’s Love.” Though it was written many years ago, the poem conveys a timely message of hope and encouragement:

“Let’s live just for each other
Let’s live on for our future
Let’s build Eden on Earth
Let’s gift peace to each other”

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Part 1

  1. “Sansane”
    Traditional African Drum Dance
    Teye Sa Thiosanne African Dance Company
  2. Congratulatory Message
    from The Honorable Ron Calderon

    State Senator, California, USA
    by Representative Bob Jimenez
  3. Guest Speaker: Oscar-nominated vegan actor Eric Roberts
  4. Guest of Honor: Supreme Master Ching Hai
  5. US President’s Volunteer Service Award
    from His Excellency President Barack Obama
    Presented to Supreme Master Ching Hai
    by The Honorable Mike Davis
    State Assembly member, California, USA
  6. “Dream in the Night”*
    Music: Two-time Oscar winner Al Kasha
    Vocals: Emmy winner and Tony nominee Liz Callaway
  7. “Kane” and “Sakura, Sakura”
    Classical Japanese Dance
    Sieha Wakayagi Dance School
  8. ““If”* and “To Be Able to Love You”*
    Music: Grammy winner Bill Cunliffe
    Vocals: Tony winner Melba Moore
  9. “Buleria” and “Sevillanas”
    Emmy-winning Yaelisa and Caminos Flamencos
* POEM by Supreme Master Ching Hai


Part 2

  1. “For the Afternoon Walk”* and “A Lonesome Night”*
    Music: Oscar and Two-time Grammy winner David Shire
    Vocals: Grammy winner Melissa Manchester
  2. “I Need You” and “Holiday”
    Lyrics, music and performance: Vegan rock band Oh Darling
  3. “It’s Not Easy”* and “When You Said You Love Me”*
    Music: Oscar and Three-time Emmy winner Bill Conti
    Vocals: Tony winner Karen Ziemba
  4. “Tari Topeng Keras” and “Puspanjali”
    Traditional Balinese Dance and Gamelan Ensemble
    Burat Wangi
  5. “Love”* and “Faded Love”*
    Music and Vocals: Multi-platinum singer Donna Lewis
  6. “Ireland”
    Lyrics, Music and Vocals: Multi-platinum singer Donna Lewis
  7. “Simchat Bet Ha’Shoeva”
    Traditional Jewish Dance
    Keshet Chaim Dance Ensemble
  8. “Please Keep Forever” (‘Xin Giữ Mãi’)*
    (In Aulacese/Vietnamese)
    Music: Chu Minh Ký
    Vocals: Tuấn Ngọc and Trần Thu Hà
  9. “Thoughts on an Ordinary Day” (‘Ý Nghĩ Trong Một Ngày Thường’)*
    (In Aulacese/Vietnamese)
    Music: Nguyễn Tuấn Khanh
    Vocals: Tuấn Ngọc
  10. “Let's Love”*
    Music: Two-time Oscar winner Al Kasha
    Performed by: Leah Allers, Liz Callaway, Kashif, Melissa Manchester, Melba Moore, Karen Ziemba