Video-0900(1.2) The Truth About Merits: How to Gain or Lose Them
Video-0900(1.2) The Truth About Merits: How to Gain or Lose Them
No. 900
Category / Video Conference
Event date / 2010.07.07
Place / (USA) Los Angeles, CA
Language / English
Time (mins) / 92,87
Published date / 2010.12
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Why do we lose spiritual merits when we engage in animal-related careers such as meat, dairy and egg producing industries? How does this affect our present and future lives?  What are the merits of working in jobs involving food, clothes, architecture and transportation? What are good merits? What is deep quality (DQ)? How many merits do we need to be free from transmigration?

In this Video/Audio, Supreme Master Ching Hai reveals how the merits gained and lost in daily life and specific careers affect our lives and spirituality. She then describes the differences and relationships between physical and spiritual merits.