00565 What Is The Right & Wrong Path
00565 What Is The Right & Wrong Path
No. 00565
Category / Lecture Tours-Asia
Event date / 19890427
Place / Changhua,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 92
Publication No. / video-73
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For example, we can’t practice asceticism. We can’t punish our body or damage it. We should be normal and take care of it. I mean we should not indulge it. This is the middle way. If we are too luxurious, then we are not in the middle way. If we are too ascetic, punishing our body, not allowing ourselves to eat enough food, not wearing enough clothes, not taking medicines nor nourishing the body, then it’s not the middle way.  Right! Lao Tzu and Confucius also emphasized the middle way. We don’t go too extreme on one side. This is the middle way. However, the middle way also has a mysterious meaning. It’s referring to the middle way here. At the time of initiation, we know how to walk the middle way and where to find it, right? (All: Yes.) (Applause) It’s because it is neither to the right, nor to the left. It’s in the middle. That’s why it’s called the middle way. Even though we know the middle way, we can’t find it, because it is indescribable. We have to walk it ourselves. No one can tell us about it, no one can write it down for us, and no one can do any research on it. If one knows it, then he can walk on it; if he doesn’t, then he can’t. The “inner path” means finding the (middle) way and walking on it every day. The “outer path” means walking on other ways, as the middle way has not yet been found. That’s why it’s called the “outer path.”