00563 Teach Ourselves to Become Buddha
00563 Teach Ourselves to Become Buddha
No. 00563
Category / Lecture Tours-Asia
Event date / 19890421
Place / Taichung,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 92
Publication No. / video-71
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The inner method is not to be taught with language, or taught by cheating. It can not be exchanged with the outward manners, money, bribes or feelings One should be prepared inside, and has a simple and open heart. That’s why the inner method is difficult to teach and acquire, and why most Masters do not teach publicly. The outer method is the outside teaching which teaches people to do moral deeds, and let people understand why to search for their Buddha nature inside, and help open our inner wisdom so that we can move on to learn the inner method. The inner method, in Buddhism, is also called the "lineage", "initiation", "koan", or "special transmission outside the scriptures". They are all the same.

Any power is created by us. We can use our own power to bless a wooden Buddha and make it a spiritual source. Then why don't we bless ourselves to make ourselves more spiritual, noble and respected for others to rely on and to save others? Spiritual practice is like this: to exercise our highest power to turn ourselves into Buddha. All our actions, inspiration, body, or the circle of life in the universe are created by us, it’s only that we forget it after too long a time. If we want to truly remember how great we are, we should retrieve that power. At that time, we will know there’s no secret at all; Bodhisattva doesn’t bless us; God doesn't punish or reward us. It’s all because we forget our own great power.

Guan Yin method is the most logical method to teach ourselves to become Buddha. Therefore, we can also call it a method to reveal the light and open the eyes – to reveal our own light, the inner light that will make us shine even outside, and open our own eyes, meaning our third eye, Buddha’s eye. We get together our inner power of revealing light and opening eyes and develop it by practicing this power every day, so that we will become Buddha. It’s so simple because we, all humans, have all the power, and there’s no exception. That’s why Shakyamuni Buddha said “Buddha lives inside” and Jesus Christ said “the Heavenly Kingdom is within us”.