00549 The Way to Find Your Inner Peace
00549 The Way to Find Your Inner Peace
No. 00549
Category / Lecture Tours-Asia
Event date / 19890330
Place / Yilan,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 102
Publication No. / video-66
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What is the way to keep us peaceful, to lessen social or work pressure? When we are sincere and connect with our inner power, it will help us. But why can’t we receive help most of the time? The Supreme Master Ching Hai tells us the most effective way of praying. Now if we want to feel peaceful every day and want to get help when we pray, first, we should be sincere, and we should try our best to be vegetarian. The more we can be vegetarian, the better it is for ourselves. We will have less and less killing karma, we will sleep better, and we can think more clearly because our mind will not be disturbed or affected by the energy and vibration of the animals.

Why doesn’t our prayer have any power? It’s because life after life, we have ignored our almighty power.

We haven’t used it to control our weak mind.  That’s why now even if we sincerely pray to the almighty power, it sometimes tests our sincerity, to see if we are  cheating  it again like we did in our previous lives or even like we did last week. That’s why we have not gained great benefits. That is why Master teaches us to keep the precepts strictly before meditating effectively.