00550 The Mystery Of The Law Of Creation
00550 The Mystery Of The Law Of Creation
No. 00550
Category / Lecture Tours-Asia
Event date / 19890331
Place / Yilan,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 112
Publication No. / video-67
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 Why should we have  a living Enlightened Master in order to transmit God’s power into our world? We hear that God’s power is  omnipresent, —why should this power work through a living master instead of blessing us directly? The Supreme Master Ching Hai reveals the mystery of the law of Creation.

 Master says: “For example,  an  egg has the potential to grow  into a chicken, but it still needs the warmth of a mother hen to nurture it in order to hatch. Similarly,  we have Buddha nature and wisdom within us. But without the help of an outside Master to help us open  it, we still cannot use it. Thus is the natural law of creation, just like eggs need warmth from a hen to  hatch. Even if there are no  hens, we should use artificial warmth hatch the eggs. Young chicks will not emerge by themselves. In the same way, we heard that we all have Buddha  Nature within us; we heard that Buddha and Bodhisattva  can help us anywhere at any time, meaning God’s power is omnipresent. However, if  we have not met Hiers representative in this world, we simply cannot grasp Hirm.”

 Today I would like to tell you a method that’s most helpful to prayer,we should be most sincere, very sincere, and keep our body, speech and mind pure. Refrain from doing bad things, and do good things.  Then our Buddha inside, or the inner power will feel that we are worthy. 



1.Shakyamuni Buddha said that all sentient beings have Buddha-nature; Jesus Christ also said that we are the children of God. As thus, why can’t we contact God’s powder directly?

2.It is said that reciting the name of Amitabha Buddha or Guanyin Bodhisattva can save us. Do you know that there exist the Supreme Masters who are more rare and we can be saved  without u knowing or believing them?

3.What is the fastest way to attain the Truth? Would you want to know which kind of grand vow  Master made for her compassion for sentient beings to liberate those beings even Amitabha Buddha cannot save? Master said: “Any vow that is made sincerely will be realized. This is my personal experience. If you really want to help sentient beings, truly sincere,  you will attain the Truth quickly! Helping others is the fastest way to attain the Truth, but you must add  the Quan Yin Method.”

4.The Buddha said that we should trillions of years to attain Buddhahood. Why does Master say “Immediate Enlightenment and Liberation in One Lifetime”?

5.Which realm can we attain at the most by deliberating over Zen enigmas and by practicing yoga? Milarepa practiced levitation and tantric warming methods, why can’t most modern people practice so many complicated methods? 

6.Sometimes we see the dimension of Buddha Land, why would Buddha disappear as soon as we become overjoyed. Master told us a story about Yogananda’s grand master - Babaji, who made himself invisible by hiding in the sunlight when visiting Yogananda’s master.

7.Why is it hard for us to receive blessings even if Enlightened Masters come? Master says: “Even if Enlightened Masters do come to us, it is difficult for us to accept any blessings, because we are too discriminative. Even when He has already manifested into a physical body, we still have difficulty believing in them, much less-so if he floats there invisible to us. Most of us cannot recite the Holy Names with undivided concentration, because we do not believe in a master whom we cannot see. This is the problem! It is not that we do not like to believe a master, but we cannot  easily believe him, because we cannot see him.”

8.What is “The Method of Oneness”? Why are the methods of chanting the holy names and worshipping God still considered as "discriminating methods" that cannot assist us in attaining Buddhahood?

9.To attain Buddhahood, we should learn from an Enlightened Master or from a disciple authorized by this Master. For what reason could not Milarepa get the lineage of the method transmitted by Lama Ngakpa who was the principal disciple of Marpa, the Guru of Milarepa?

10.What’s the difference between self-confidence and arrogance? How to keep our self–confidence  while getting rid of our egos? Master shares with us the ways to minimize our ego.

11.How to help our dying relatives become reborn in Buddha’s land? How long after one’s death should we move one’s body? Why can’t most  people deliver  the soul of the deceased by chanting sutras, instead, they add his karma?

12.When the spiritual attainment of monastic practitioners is not as high as a lay spiritual practitioner, is it better for the monastic person to return to mundane lay? Why does Master not accept some people who want to follow her and become monastic? What ideal should a monastic person have?

13.Is everything that happens to us in this world—our destiny? To get initiation or attain Buddha-hood, must we first accept all the  cause and retribution? Master says: within us, there is another kind of wisdom which is not related to any cause and effect of this world. That wisdom is never born, nor does it die, and it is neither filthy nor clean. We practice with this wisdom, we pull it out to let it be free from karmic binding. The law of cause and retribution can only bind our body and mind, but not our wisdom.

14.We heard that practicing by oneself  is liable t to get possessed by the devil. Why does Master say that to rely on the Master is to truly rely on oneself?”

15.Will people who commit suicide all go to Hell? How to help our relatives who committed suicide?

 16.Some relatives love each other while others quarrel all the time. How does one go beyond these kinds of karmic connections?

17.What kind of retribution can be expected when, as a monk, one does not have enough merit to accept the offerings of sentient beings? Master tells Buddhist stories, which explains why the karma of the disciples can not be erased when their master is not liberated from life and death.