00451 Master Doesn’t Belong to Any Religion
00451 Master Doesn’t Belong to Any Religion
No. 00451
Category / Lecture Tours-Asia
Event date / 19881026
Place / Keelung,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 106
Publication No. / video-14
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Supreme Master Ching Hai gives a lecture about the origins, teachings and practicing methods of Hinduism, Christianism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Yi Guan Tao and other major religions, and explains that the purpose of the Guan Yin Method is to help us truly know the greatness of the Master we worship and thus have more faith in our own religions. So, the Guan Yin Method doesn’t belong to any religion. We can believe in and practice any religion, and don’t have to change our religion, life style or thoughts; we just need to practice according to a set of rules and keep learning the Guan Yin Method, and one day we will understand everything. Any teachings from outside, including what Master told you, is false, but we use the false to practice the truth. If no one expressed it in words, we won’t be able to comprehend and accept the real sutra, let alone having the interest to seek for it on our own. What Master says is an introduction, to introduce a way for you to seek the truth. That’s why Shakyamuni Buddha said ‘I’m the finger pointing to the moon instead of the moon itself, you will see the moon by following my finger.’

We should clean ourselves with the Holy Spirit, i.e. our own God power if we want to know God or Buddha; we should know that every one can become Buddha. Shakyamuni Buddha once said ‘I’m the Buddha who already attained Buddhahood, and you are the future Buddha.’ We should know that we are the children of God. We should have been able to receive the blessings from God to help ourselves, however, we are ignorant of it since it has been covered up. In order to recognize it, we should open the door to see it. It’s not that God doesn’t want to take care of us, but we refuse God's power, because we are filled with conceptions and we are too busy! We think about the world, fame and wealth, more than we think about God; we like this world more than the world of celestial bliss. That’s why we are not yet worthy to go there. There is one way to clean ourselves up, that is the Guan Yin Method.