00452 Which Religion Exactly Does Master Belong To?
00452 Which Religion Exactly Does Master Belong To?
No. 00452
Category / Lecture Tours-Asia
Event date / 19881027
Place / Keelung,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 119
Publication No. / video-14
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Master says: don’t ask me which religion I belong to. I believe in all religions and worship all Englightened Masters. I know who the Masters are, so I can truly worship them, truly know the greatness of Shakyamuni Buddha and what a high-level bodisattva Jesus Christ is, and admire the great wisdom of Laozi, teachings from Confucius as well as Mohammed and other Masters in the past. I’m spreading the truth from Shakyamuni Buddha and Jesus Christ and upholding wisdom from Laozi and ideal of peaceful society from Confucius; I'm not preaching for any individual religion, nor using any religion against other religions. I propose that all religions should co-orperate in peace, search for the highest goal, and, before finding it, they should let others have the freedom of belief.

Masters of every religion are great Masters from the past, and worth our admiring and praise. It’s only that we don’t understand their teachings and think they are teaching different things. In this world, we can learn a lot from each other. All religions should work together to learn instead of attacking each other, help each other and cleanse our society together, because the ideal of every religion is to help people live in comfort and encourage them to do good and remind us to find our own Buddha nature or omnipotent power. They are aiming at the same end, but just lacking the methods to achieve it. The Guan Yin Method is not a religion at all, but a method to help us develop our own omnipotent power.