00256-2 The Story of the 21st and 22nd Zen Patriarch--Vasubandhu and Manorhita
00256-2 The Story of the 21st and 22nd Zen Patriarch--Vasubandhu and Manorhita
No. 00256-2
Category / Between Master and Disciples-story
Event date / 1987.07.26
Place / (Formosa/Taiwan) Hsintien
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 1h04m16s
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Do you want to know which two saints appeared in the country of Nādikā one thousand years after Shakyamuni Buddha entered Nirvana? Why did King of Gotama give up his throne to follow Reverend Manorhita and become a monk? Why could he, even at such an old age, attain enlightenment soon after he became a monk? Why were the disciples of Bhiksu Haklenayaśas reborn as white cranes? What did Haklenayaśas do to free them from this karma?

Though the king of Gotama had the whole country, the moment he heard one single sentence from Reverend Manorhita, he gave up everything. He followed Buddha and became a monk, truly caring for nothing except the Tao, which is very exceptional. Those who truly seek for Tao, care nothing else at all and truly let go from the very heart, can attain the Tao very fast.

Haklenayaśas couldn't be liberated from the life and death circle even if he had practiced for many eons as a Bhiksu, so there's not much use to practice for merits. It's the best that we do what we should without caring about what we offer or what merit we earn. Otherwise we will be bound by our merits and should come back again to enjoy it. Good records bring troubles, and bad records bring even more troubles, so it's better that we have no records.