00531 Quan Yin Method Is The Method Of Loving Power
00531 Quan Yin Method Is The Method Of Loving Power
No. 00531
Category / Lecture Tours-Asia
Event date / 19890306
Place / Penghu,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 93
Publication No. / video-55
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    We can say that Quan Yin Method is  the Method of Love. Even the love of this world between a man and a woman can  make us feel so satisfied and happy, let alone the love we obtain, which is millions of times more powerful than the worldly love. When people see us, they would of course  feel satisfied. This is Quan Yin Bodhisattva’s love. If we practice the Quan Yin Method, we’d develop more and more of this love, because we have our own Buddha nature, our own Quan Yin Bodhisattva which is  this loving power . We can develop this love. She has developed, we can follow her example. That’s why Shakyamuni Buddha said, "I have already become a Buddha.  You can also become a Buddha in the future."

   The purpose of practicing the Quan Yin Method is to regain the indiscriminating loving power within us, so that we can really love all people, any sentient beings, grass and trees, etc., as much as loving ourselves. We’d love a grass or a tree as we love  our own fingers and would not bear to cut it. Then, we will have become a Buddha. Since ancient times, the great spiritual practitioners have emphasized unconditional love. Before Shakyamuni Buddha achieved Buddhahood, he sacrificed his body, life, wife, son and country, etc., in order to seek  the Truth and to find the perfect love. Therefore, when he became a Buddha, he could love all.

       We human being should have  a benevolent heart and treat each other with kindness, treat all beings equally with love. This is called "benevolence." Therefore, Laotzu put "benevolence" in the first place. "Benevolence" is  kindness and compassion, the loving power that a human being should have. That’s why we call it "benevolence". Shakyamuni Buddha emphasized compassion and Jesus Christ emphasized unconditional love, both  are the same. They both taught people to love each other. The more we love people and  sentient beings , the closer we are to Buddha and the more we are one with God. That’s why we should take care of the Buddha nature or God quality within us, which is also called the loving power.

    Why, out of all the methods, do I emphasize the Quan Yin Method? It’s because the Quan Yin Method is the best method recommended by Shakaymuni Buddha according to Surangama Sutra. I read in many other scriptures of different religions that people also practiced the Quan Yin Method. They used the inner sound to develop their wisdom and love. Other methods also work, but they are slow in helping one to develop one’s wisdom and love.

If we practice well spiritually, we will be like a flower, beautiful in itself. The flower doesn’t need to say anything, but people know its beauty and love it. They would spend money to buy it and take it home.

Human has limited brain capacity and love capacity, so how can we love others without forcing ourselves?

What’s the true compassion and benevolence?