00570 The Universal Energy
00570 The Universal Energy
No. 00570
Category / Lecture Tours-Asia
Event date / 19890508
Place / Kaohsiung,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 108
Publication No. / video-77
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Mencius said: “I to nourish my Haoran Zhi Qi.” Then what is “Haoran Zhi Qi” (the vast, lofty Qi)? Supreme Master Qing Hai explains that this Qi is the most original loving power in the universe, the power of creation and the mother of the universe. Only with this Qi can all things exist and grow, and develop their own nature. According Mencius, although this Qi is vast, incredible and unspeakable, everyone can have it. From this we can see, the Confucianism doesn't merely teach people to train their morality or benevolent personalities, but also to practice the Haoran Zhi Qi. The five great religions had originally been teaching the same method – practicing for the highest power and training oneself to be one with the power of heaven or the supreme power in the universe. Only then can we say “unity of heaven and human”.

Although we cannot talk about this Haoran Zhi Qi, we can feel it and have it, too. In order to get this Haoran Zhi Qi, we need to use Quan Yin Method. After we have attained the Haoran Zhi Qi, or our self nature or the secret of creation, we can change our own or others’ destiny, and change the future, too. Only by retaining the Haoran Zhi Qi, the inner power and the secret key of creation, can Guanshiyin Bodhisattva be present in all places where she is prayed for, and have one thousand hands and one thousand eyes; only by retaining this greatest power of creation, can Shakyamuni Buddha have thousands of billions of manifestations, and save beings from hell to heaven, from heaven to Buddha's land and from human's world to the land of Bodhisattva.