00354 The Meaning of Eternal Liberation
00354 The Meaning of Eternal Liberation
No. 00354
Category / Lecture Tours-Asia
Event date / 19880423
Place / Tainan,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 80
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  • Summary

It’s OK if we do not believe that person is Buddha, because it’s well enough if he has the method of Buddha. That means Buddha has taught the Dharma to us and guided us which way to choose and which way can bring us liberation. The world we live in is like a labyrinth with dead ends everywhere. There’s only one way out. If we do not know the way, we can never get out.

A section in Surangama Sutra is about a meeting between 25 Bodhisattvas and Shakyamuni Buddha, in which they were talking about all the methods they practiced, they all can lead to enlightenment: some practices bone meditation (practices of the bones of the dead), water meditation, nose (scent) meditation, root-of-tongue (taste) meditation, feeling meditation and many others alike which can be taught to others, but why did Guan Yin Bodhisattva talk about Guan Yin Method at last, the method of the perfect ear enlightenment?

The greatest power is the power of compassion and universal love, because these powers are beyond the control of karma, supernatural powers or the power of all laws. That’s why Buddha and Maya are different. Maya has almost the same power as Buddha, but lacks in compassion, so we should admire the Buddha. We should learn from Buddha till we have infinite compassion. At that time, we’ll have the greatest power. We have the greatest power, but we should not know or think that we have it. Our power comes very naturally, just like the air which can not be felt, but without which we can not live.