00373 Master Is the Repairer of the Thread of Life
00373 Master Is the Repairer of the Thread of Life
No. 00373
Category / Lecture Tours-Asia
Event date / 19880608
Place / Taichung,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 101
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  • Summary

We have two beings in ourselves. Originally there is only one, but we believe the mind is us, thenthere seems to be two. What are they? One is the person who is doing something in this mundane world, for example, eating, working, driving, getting married, having children, protecting the country, taking care of  family, governing the country and pacifying the world, etc. The other is the one in another level or another world, who does many things, but nobody knows it, including us. The latter one is our master. Therefore, some peoplework as an officer, for example, or any other thing, in this mundane world while the other being of him/her is doing another job in another realm. Have you heard about this?

There is communication between the ordinary person and the other one, but the communication can be cut off sometimes, just like the electric wire. When the wire is cut off and out of use, the light could not be turned on. But if someone knows where the wire is cut and repairs it, and knows where to hook and connect them, we can use it again.

Master is someone who can help us reconnect with our own master, and regain our status in the universe from the position of an ordinary person. If our own master is originally an immortal, once reconnected, we would understand we have attained the status of an immortal.