Video-0743 Buddha's Sadness
Video-0743 Buddha's Sadness
No. 0743
Category / The Supreme Master's Poetry
Place / (USA):(Au Lac)
Language / Aulacese
Time (mins) / 68
Published date / 2002.12
Updated date / 2016.02
Smartphones / Aulacese,Chinese-S,Chinese-T,English,Spanish  |  
Tables / Aulacese,Chinese-S,Chinese-T,English,Spanish  | 
PCs / Aulacese,Bulgarian,Chinese-S,Chinese-T,Czech,Dutch,English,Filipino,Finnish,French,German,Hungarian,Indonesian,Japanese,Korean,Malay,Polish,Portuguese,Spanish,Thai
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This is the century for music and poetry, the universal language that is used to share the message of peace and love to the world. Music comforts our souls and lends a voice to our innermost feelings. In this golden era, music is also a reminder of our Original Home, filling the ethereal realms with its elevating melodies.

We now introduce to you the two newly released DVDs, “Buddha’s Sadness” and “Since I’ve Loved You,” featuring original songs composed from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s beautiful poems. Expressing the wonders of love, the anguish of separation, and the yearning for God, Supreme Master Ching Hai’s poetic verses will deeply move your heart and uplift your spirit. The poems are set to music by talented Aulacese composers and performed by renowned singers in the United States and abroad. These videos are masterfully recorded in the United States as well as on location in Au Lac.

The songs have been translated into 20 languages, so everyone can have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lyrics.

We invite you to experience the wonderful music videos, “Buddha’s Sadness” and “Since I’ve Loved You,” which will transport you to an enchanting world of poetry, music, love, and spirituality.

Programs of 734 Buddha's Sadness Programs of 744 Since I've Loved You
1. Our Time
2. Lend Me Your God
3. Love Melody 1
4. A Love Betrayed
5. Passion
6. Turning Gray
7. The Two Phoenixes
8. The Pearl Searcher
9. Love Meldy 4
10. Buddha's Sadness


1. Only Whishes
2. Autumn
3. Since We Knew Each Other
4. If Only There Isn't
5. If...
6. It's Not Easy to Go
7. Love Melody 1
8. For the Afternoon Walk
9. Winter Night in Iserlohn
10. Love Meldy 4
11. Since I've Loved You