Video-0805(1.2) God Created Animals to Help Humans
Video-0805(1.2) God Created Animals to Help Humans
No. 805
Category / Lovely Animals
Event date / 2007.10.25
Place / (France) Paris:(Formosa/Taiwan) Taipei
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 78,61
Published date / 2009.01
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At the “The Dogs in My Life” book launch video conference, Supreme Master Ching Hai had a wonderful dialogue with many honored guests about interesting stories of Her beloved dogs. Of particular interest was the topic of animals’ spirituality and the divine relationship between animals and humankind.

“Scientists proved that if you love animals and have a pet in your home, you will enjoy better health and happier spirit. And when we are happy, we attract good luck and draw a more joyful atmosphere to our home. Like attracts like!”

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