Video-0895 Legends of the Rainbow Lady
Video-0895 Legends of the Rainbow Lady
No. 0895
Category / Master and Disciple
Event date / 2009.01.26
Place / (France)
Language / English,Chinese
Time (mins) / 109
Published date / 2011.02
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  • Summary

Supreme Master Ching Hai told Chinese legends of Mazu, the Ninth Fairy, and the Rainbow Lady with humorous explanation. Through the stories, we learn the influence of our ego, karma, original sin and the real meaning of immortality.

The Supreme Master also expressed her deep sorrow for the suffering people and animals. She said that I never feel that I do enough as long as one person still suffers in this world, and one animal is still being slaughtered mercilessly. As a human, we should take everybody’s disaster as our disaster, continue to inform everyone the truth about the meat industry, and help those who have been pressured by the physically depressing world and depleted of all the goodness and intelligence within them. If everybody will do for the same thing with positive consciousness, we would have very benevolent energy to help create a vegan planet in the future.

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