Video-0626 The Choices of Each Soul
Video-0626 The Choices of Each Soul
No. 0626
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 1998.06.07
Place / (USA) Los Angeles
Language / English
Time (mins) / 96
Published date / 2004.04
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Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lecture:

Each soul selects his own path to walk to God, with different levels of passion and with different timing. We who are here, those who are more experienced, who walk in advance, are ready, like the angels or the Masters of the universe who are ready to assist any soul. Should he or she wish to make a different choice at any time in his life, just like in a film, somebody has to be a murderer, somebody has to be a detective, somebody has to be a victim, and somebody has to be a hero, So it's the choice we made before we came here. Nothing is unforgivable even though it seems unforgivable...But in eternity, in the game of the universe, everyone chooses different ways to walk back home. Sometimes it takes a long time. They like to take the long way. Some people take a shortcut, like we do. So God knows everything. God forgives everything. It's just that we cannot forgive ourselves, so we should never make a lowly choice so that we regret it afterwards. Therefore, the Master and the brothers stand by all the time to assist us in re-choosing. We always make a new choice. And depending on your choices, new events happen, and new directions open up. And then you go into a different dimension.

  1. Do you want to know how the life of a Muslim fellow initiate has her life completely changed after the initiation?
  2. In the 21st century, we have a facial cream that can nourish our soul and make us become younger. Do you want to become younger too?
  3. The teachings in the Koran are identical with those of other prophets. But how can we truly realize them and enforce in daily life?
  4. What is the origin of the polygamy practice among Muslims? Why did people persecute Prophet Mohammed when He was alive?
  5. Since committing suicide is a grave sin, what condition would a person suffer after committing suicide?
  6. If a person who believed in Master died before he was initiated, would he be saved?
  7. Very often answers to our problems in mind would appear during our meditation, but we always forget them afterwards. How can we keep these answers?
  8. Every soul selects their own path to walk. If the path is too rough to walk, can they choose another way?
  9. A fellow initiate feels a purifying energy cleansing her soul when she gets close to Master, but she is very irritated by the coarse vibration when getting close to certain people. How is she supposed to handle this problem?
  10. When a couple each has a different religious belief, how can they share their enlightenment and Truth with their children yet without causing conflicts within the family?
  11. After we are enlightened, how do we clear the obstacles caused by the mind?
  12. Is it all right for spiritual practitioners to wear silk and leather products? Why?
  13. The story about an Enlightened Master who always chased His cat outside when He meditated, and a ridiculous example of blindly imitating the action of a Master.
  14. We may feel as if we were a Master when filled with heavenly bliss, yet when we are in predicament we will vent our frustration to God. Is this a normal behavior?
  15. The world is really an intricate drama in which there are no good guys, bad guys, or foes. Master illustrated this point by citing an incident in her childhood.
  16. God is omnipotent, yet an Enlightened Master is limited by the corporeal body. What really is the relationship between God and a Master?
  17. How can we help people in poverty or with psychological problems? Why an enlightened person can help others without helping?
  18. Even when practicing the Convenient Method, a fellow initiate had tasted the wonderful experience of soul liberation as described in the Bible, which was shared even by her family members.