Video-1029 Leading All to Be Vegan Will Bring Immense Merits
Video-1029 Leading All to Be Vegan Will Bring Immense Merits
No. 1029
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 2013.07.25-26
Place / (Europe)
Language / Chinese,English,Aulacese
Time (mins) / 55,55,52,59,61
Published date / 2017.04
Updated date / 2017.10
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  • Summary

The words and deeds of government leaders are highly influential, as shown in the case of China, where many high-ranking leaders and officials are adopting the vegetarian diet, and the country as a whole is becoming more open and prosperous. A new vegetarian trend is also emerging in Tibet. After learning about Supreme Master Ching Hai's teachings, one Tibetan abbot led all 200 monks residing at his temple to become vegetarian as well, and to stop wearing animal leather and fur. Moreover, the Dalai Lama and many other Tibetan spiritual practitioners are now vegetarian, and tens of thousands of monks are traveling throughout the region to promote vegetarianism and tell rural residents to reduce livestock raising and increase plant-based farming. In Âu Lạc (Vietnam), one Association member, a young, beautiful vegan artist, was voted Asia's Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Many other artists, performers, and members of the general public have been influenced by her to adopt the vegetarian/vegan diet and spiritual practice.

The Supreme Master encourages government leaders to be open about their vegetarian/vegan diets so that others will be encouraged to pursue this noble lifestyle. In so doing, the leaders will earn immense merits while also protecting the planet for future generations.

Furthermore, Supreme Master has also revealed that different motivations for pursuing spiritual practice lead to encounter with different levels of masters. It is vital to seek a Fifth Level Master since such a Master can help the souls of all Five Worlds. Within the first Three Worlds, creation and destruction occur all the time, and the Fourth Level is in between. Thus, only when we reach the Fifth Level are we safe forever.

  1. The Supreme Master emphasizes that agriculture is crucial to humanity’s well-being, and suggests that all governments should teach farmers proper methods to eliminate pesticides when farming, as these chemicals are not only harmful to plants, animals and human health, but also have the long-term effect of polluting Earth’s land, water, and air. During the talk, Master also discusses the reincarnation of the Tibetan saint Tsongkhapa, whether women can become Buddhas through spiritual practice, and other topics.
  2. Also, during the gathering, a popular Aulacese singer and her composer father were inspired by Master’s lecture “Our Real Home is Up There” to sing “I Am Going Home”, “Moon of Mine,” “When Shall We Meet Again?” and other beautiful Aulacese songs based on Master’s poems.
  3. Why is it that communism and atheism exist? What is the special meaning of the hammer and sickle on the communist flag?
  4. Master is always kind to those who work as laborers and sincerely thanks them. Master says that laborers are the backbone of society, so we have to respect those who do manual labor.
  5. If the people are good, the government will be good. It is often said that governments must be good, but this is not so. If our karma (retribution) is bad, even if we have a good government, it cannot do anything for us. But the more we practice well, the purer our heart becomes, and the better our government will be.
  6. In daily activities such as drinking water and cooking, Master always strives to be frugal, and so reminds us that whatever we can save we should save; for example, restroom tissue paper. Each year we flush quite a bit of money down the toilet through the use of this item. It is not like we have a lot of money and then try to waste it quickly. Money is one issue to consider, but the world’s resources are another. Our Earth has limited resources and if they are abused they will rapidly decrease.
  7. Has Master recently gone to higher levels of the ultimate universe? Master discusses going deeper and deeper into these levels -- the same things, the same names, but higher.
  8. High-level beings help us unconditionally. They are not going to sit there and wait for us to give thanks. They just help us and go. Thanks to these beings’ protection, bad things don’t happen to us and we aren’t even aware of the fact. Sometimes things happen to us halfway and if somebody could see, they would say that perhaps the angels have protected us. But sometimes the angels stop it before it happens, so we avoid having accidents. Then we don’t even know what has happened. Even if we don’t know, every day we still need to thank the ones protecting us. When you eat, you have to thank them for their blessing so the food is tasty and good for your health.
  9. One practitioner shared her beautiful, thrilling experience while dancing in the musical “Loving the Silent Tears,” leading Master to recall her memories of doing some stances when she was young. Master talked about the right attitude we should have when we learn martial arts. Several practitioners, including one who teaches Jeet Kune Do and one who does Tai Chi, demonstrated martial arts on site, and the atmosphere was relaxed and lively.
  10. Talking about kung fu is an excuse to stay together. Master said, “You have to relax in order to accept what I’m saying. Or to accept what I’m not saying. So when I’m joking or say things, I am just distracting your mind so that I can give you other stuff. So everything is okay. We are just playing, and then we still practice all the same. You know I’m very strict too, but we also relax.”
  11. We have to go to the lands of no land, the vision of no vision anymore, the limitless type of formless God, at least to the Fifth Level. And then we have to know God, not just see things or have visions. It’s a pity though. But it looks the same, looks similar. Mostly Vipassana (meditation) will not bring one to the Fifth Level. One has to use the Quan Yin Method, to gradually go up to the Fifth. The last Holy Name is that of the Fifth Level God. We have to recite it so that all the guardians will open the door for us to go up, one level at a time.
  12. Even if you go to the Third Level, it’s glorious already. You think you are God. You think you are with God, and there is nowhere else you want to go. Nowhere else you think could be higher than that. This is the problem. At every Level you feel like that.
  13. Every Level keeps its their souls. Once you became a citizen of one Level, you can’t go up to the next level. So it is better if you don’t become attached to any of these Levels because you will become like a resident there. Even seeing Master inside is only half of the journey. It’s no big deal seeing Master manifesting in front of you, talking to you, staying with you or helping you with accidents. You’re still not one with the Master yet because you still see the Master as helping you, outside of yourself. Only when you know the Master inside are you together. At lease you go to the Fifth Level. That is safe forever.