Video-1052(1.2) Be Forgiving and Merciful: Master’s Diary
Video-1052(1.2) Be Forgiving and Merciful:  Master’s Diary
No. 1052
Category / Mysteries of the Universe
Event date / 2015.02.03
Place / (USA) Los Angeles, CA
Language / English
Time (mins) / 33,35,34,35,29,31,30
Published date / 2016.09
Updated date / 2019.04
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In her loving gesture to fulfill fellow initiates’ expressed wish to know more about her daily life and meditation, Supreme Master Ching Hai made a special phone call to Supreme Master Television to further share entries from her spiritual diary. Apart from the great news that all the developing regions in the Original Universe, called Tư, have been cared for and empowered by Tim Qo Tu, Supreme Master also revealed that she had started a new project for the universe.

From the diary, we know that Supreme Master always shares both her spiritual merit and material aspects with fellow initiates, other people and all beings. Moreover, she is very grateful for the help of all Heaven, saying that if humans would change, then a vegan and peaceful world would come immediately!

What are the adverse effects on our spiritual practice if we rent a restaurant to someone who sells meat or alcohol? The Supreme Master said that in this world the maya does not allow any trespassing and thus no killing of his creations, even indirectly. The Supreme Master emphasized, "…the five precepts we have to keep, directly or indirectly. We are responsible for our actions in this physical realm. Nothing can escape karma. If you create a new one, you have to bear it. The Master power can help a little bit, but the karma law, you can’t escape.”

 (Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lecture)
  1. “I have donated spiritual merit points to many countries so that they have more peace with one another, then reconcile, establish more neighboring friendships, lift restrictions and all that to help the poor people of those countries. The poor have nothing to do with the leaders’ political agendas, but they suffer because of them. So I donate to such-and-such country sometimes. … Sometimes I donate some months in advance, but the peace or the conciliation doesn’t come about immediately. It takes some time to work out. Sometimes it takes effect almost immediately, within a few days or weeks. Then I am very happy, of course. It depends on how big the bad karma is. But sometimes it takes months, it takes months sometimes to see the obvious outcome.”
  2. “All Tư have been cared for and empowered. Those who were ready have been empowered to quicken to maturity. Thanks to all for your loving support. Thank you. Love you all forever. Love, love!” You know, “heart, heart.” “Enough for now. I need a rest. But today, I celebrate in my heart the improvement of the entire universe, feel relieved. Even physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, feel relieved. Gazillions of gazillions of gazillions of uncountable gazillions of etc., etc., etc., unaccountable, uncountable, have matured into full bloom!”
  3. My sleep is not always sleep. I communicate and they communicate with me because sometimes during the daytime I’m too busy and I don’t get their message, so at night they beep me to remind me of these things. … Sometimes it’s different sounds, different times. It depends on from which spiritual level, either from the Shadow Universe or from the Original Universe. There are different sounds.
  4. The youth has been revived to 48 years, but that doesn’t mean looking outside. It’s inside. The organs and all that are changed; the cells have changed, a little bit outside maybe. It doesn’t mean I look much younger. I do look much younger than my age, but the inside, the cells and all that, they have changed into having more strength. So it’s easier for me to absorb more of the Ihôs Kư power and transmit it into this world and the rest of the universe.
  5. I also knew many of the famous people, movie stars and all that in a former life. They are also doing their part in helping a little bit in this world. If they have been initiated, then of course, it’s easier. But if not, they also do some part, and then they earn their merit for the next life.
  6. People work hard all their days. They have to fight for survival. We have to always remember them and appreciate them.
  7. For a piece of beef that people are putting in their mouths every day, the cows have to suffer so much. How can people do this to an innocent being like a cow? Everything is suffering. Pleasure doesn’t have to mean suffering for others. I’m working harder and harder just so that perhaps one day all this madness will stop.
  8. I love this world, and I love all the beings on this planet. But the things they do to one another and to the animals, just really, really cause so much pain and suffering for my heart, for me. And I’m working hard so that maybe one day all this won’t happen again.
  9. We have to be nice to one another, whenever we can.