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Video-1159A A Heartfelt Celebration of Supreme Master Ching Hai Day in Kaohsiung 2018
On October 25, 2018, the 25th Anniversary of Supreme Master Ching Hai Day, our Association members around the world came together in Kaohsiung, Taiwan (Formosa) to celebrate this meaningful day with heartfelt programs. The Supreme Master Ching Hai Day was first ..(more)
Video-1159B Supreme Master Ching Hai Day Is to Celebrate Every Unconditional Goodness
The reason I wish everyone and the world and the universe a good Ching Hai Day, is because it’s a good thing. It’s a good thing to celebrate. The Ching Hai Day is not only my day. It’s your day. It’s everyone’s day. Everyone that did something good to your neighbors, ..(more)
Video-19940416 The Enlightened Master is Beyond All Religions
All go to the soul. What’s important is the Master. Whenever you remember the Master, He will send, if the Master is a very highly developed person, highly realized person, He can send energy, to help you to meditate. If we know the human brain completely (How to ..(more)
Video-20150811 Buddhist Stories: The Names of the Buddhas and the Merit and Virtue of Giving
If Thus Come One is making too much trouble for you to remember, just say Boundless Body Buddha. “If man or woman hears,” this is long, long time ago. This Buddha is long, long past already. Asamkhyeya eons ago already means countless, countless of Earth time. You ..(more)
Video- Supreme Master Ching Hai ’s Devoted Love Transforms the Lives of Animals in Need
Getting better; I hope, I do hope. Wherever I go, I donate what I can and wherever I can and whenever I can. I just hope for these examples would lead on to something better for all of our beautiful friends, because animals are really, really good. All these dogs are ..(more)
Video-S1 Entering the New Universal Platform
Everything’s changed – the world’s changed, I’ve changed, you’ve changed. Everybody must change. We catch up, OK? I look the same, but I am not the same anymore. Everything has changed, the inner concept has changed, and my way has changed. My way has changed, you must ..(more)
Video-S10 State of the Five Worlds
Some of you were wondering… the whole history of the Five Worlds. The physical world is the leftover from the Astral creation. After creating the Astral, the heavy stuff settled down at the bottom and became the physical world, which is a fantastic world, I’m telling ..(more)
Video-S11 The Essence of a Buddha
Maybe I was born a Hungarian some other day, because I love (vegan) goulash very much. When I was alone, that was what I cooked. Well, I didn’t think it was goulash per se, but I cooked like that, similar, all the time. It’s a normal Chinese restaurant. And I just told ..(more)
Video-S12 Understand Emotional Ties and Transcend Karma
It takes a lot of merit, devotion and goodness inside; of course, and enlightenment. Most of the Buddhas, when they became Buddha, they don’t know it, because of the grace of the Master as well. They do feel that they’re clean, but because it’s so subtle! But they will ..(more)
Video-S2 Break the Habits, Be a Real Saint
We used to be more civilized. But then, if we don’t balance our knowledge with wisdom, and we don’t balance the material gain with the spiritual success, Too much intellectual knowledge, but no spiritual wisdom, then just at war with each other. It’s just the power. ..(more)
Video-S3 New Buddhas are Born
We are grateful to God, but we are also grateful to all the devas or humans, invisible beings, who have been so kind to us, and helping to make our stay pleasant or our time smooth and peaceful. Otherwise, maybe we couldn’t make it, if they are not coordinating…Good ..(more)
Video-S4 The Supreme Grace of God Revealed
It’s just the time, also this period of time, that the planet must join the other planets, higher planets in the galaxy. So, grace and blessing are helping a lot. So the thing I give you is extremely powerful. Nobody has been able to use it, nobody has ever been able ..(more)
Video-S5 The Story of Creation
So most people who worship God, that is Brahma, the Third World. Nevertheless, he is great! When you get to the Third World, you are free already. Because that is the origin of all these gross levels. The origin of all, the most from God. So he creates, creates. He ..(more)
Video-S6 Ways to Gain Spiritual Merit
Because, your IQ has gone up, together with your spiritual practice. The spiritual level opens up all the channels. Cleans all the clogs off inside your arteries or even physical veins, so it makes the blood even flow better and the information go better – everything ..(more)
Video-S7 The Grace of the Ultimate Master
You have to put priority, have to know what’s the most important thing. Now you know everything really helps. Very difficult to tell you what is what. Because you have to also be sincere, you know? For example, if you watch TV for one hour, you have like 2000 points. ..(more)