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Video-1081 Buddhist Stories: "The Starving Tigress"
So helping the helpless, helping the needy, no matter where, no matter what, is really helping yourself. The reward is more than anything you can imagine. Your heart feel compassionate and sorrowful for the people in need. But your spirit feels very very elevated and ..(more)
Video-1082 Buddhist Stories: "The Story of Khuda"
And this person, Devadatta, was extremely arrogant also. He wanted everybody to respect him as much as the Buddha. He wanted to be equal with the Buddha. Even though he didn't have spiritual merit as the Buddha. If a person is jealous and arrogant like this how can he ..(more)
Video-1083 Buddhist Stories: "The Monk With The Golden Coin"
When Buddha was alive he had go around begging for food. He did this not only in order to give others merit, but also to sow affinity with the Buddha, so sooner or later another Buddha would come. And then they probably follow that Buddha, and become enlightened, ..(more)
Video-1085 Buddhist Stories: The Girl Born with a White Silk Cloth
If you always think of somebody else’s comfort, benefit, before yourself, then you are saints; very simple like that. Selflessness is saintliness. So being poor doesn’t mean unhappy. The fewer things I have,the happier I feel. I feel freer. I just make it more popular, ..(more)
Video-1086 Master Tells Jokes and Buddhist Stories: "A Monk Called Celestial Jewels"
At home, you should seriously consider each lesson as if it’s the only one before you die. You have to study it well. Really try to understand it and practice it. Learning from the ancient practitioners and ancient Buddha. Their teaching is still so very valuable, ..(more)
Video-1087 Master Tells Jokes and Buddhist Stories: The Five Precepts and Five Best Ways of Charity
If you keep these Five Precepts, next life you will be born as human again, with all these, but not having to be born in hell or as vicious animals, of suffering of any kind. Keeping the Five Precepts, you will not go to Heaven. If just Five Precepts alone, then you ..(more)
Video-1089 Buddhist Stories: "The Story of Lakngaisaiya"
The reason why the Buddha has to do it all over again, is because he has to earn merit again. He’s still a Buddha, of course. Meaning that all the merit that he earned, he had to use to give it to these people, in order for them to rise up to become Arhat, all ..(more)
Video-1090 Buddhist Stories: "The Nun Wonderful"
Now, this is a story about a nun named Vi Diệu. Vi Diệu means very wonderful. One time the Buddha was in the country Xá Vệ (Sravasti). At this time, many of the nobles and rich families' daughters, came to the Buddha and became nuns together. One time, they talked to ..(more)
Video-1091 Buddhist Stories: The Story of Sai Ma
I have just watched a little news on TV. Germany has opened their arms to receive refugees and so... And UK also. All the dangers they risked to run away from war. War is terrible. Then this is what kind of world? If we just ignore them and let them die of thirst and ..(more)
Video-1092 Buddhist Stories: The Buddha’s Former Life As A King Named Moonlight
As I told you already, He has been Buddha a long, long time ago. But in order to sow affinity with new sentient beings, or older sentient beings which He has not delivered in some former life, and have affinity with Him, He has to come back again and start from zero. ..(more)
Video-1093 Buddhist Stories: The Buddha’s Previous Incarnation As a King Named Great Clear Light
To be hated is bad, but to be loved is not easy. Humans, we’re born intelligent. With a lot of complicated nervous system, and intelligence. Therefore, we’re also complicated in different ways. It has good and bad. It’s good to have your own meditation center. Because ..(more)
Video-1095 Buddhist Stories: The Bondswoman Punna
There was a joke, the disciple asked the Zen Master, “Master, I ask for nothing, I just ask you please bring me to the land of eternal peace.” And the Master said, “Yeah, even if I can, it won’t be peace anymore.” Looks like he knows. The Master knows everything. And ..(more)
Video-1096 Labor Day
I’ve just found it in the kitchen. And then I thought of you right away. I said, “Wow!” I didn’t come here for this actually. I just came to check out the sleepy...outside. And then, I found treasure. And then I thought, “OK, today is a non-working day for the ..(more)
Video-1097 Buddhist Stories: Treasurer Catfoot Bilalapadaka
But there were two little young boys, two young boys. They enjoy it so much, so they had two potatoes but they chewed them very, very slowly and thoroughly, and they lived strong, healthy, they enjoyed it and felt grateful for that, and they chewed slowly, chewed until ..(more)
Video-1098 Buddhist Stories: "The Brahmin with a Single Robe"
Not only if we are slow in doing a good deed, then we have less merit, but then, meanwhile, the mind will be occupied with evil thinking as well. So if you think it’s a good thing, then do it right away. Occupy yourself with that before your mind will have nothing to ..(more)