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Video-1064 Happy Energy Is Very Good For Everybody
Because happy energy is very good for everybody. And even if you don’t live in some area, but if you go to that house that has been happy before, even though you didn’t know that people have been happy before there, you feel also very happy. And some temples in India ..(more)
Video-1065 Buddhist Stories: "500 Blind Beggars"
It’s a story of Buddha’s past life. Since time immemorial, Buddha has always offered his wife, his children, his citadels, his country, and his body to anyone, anytime when needed. Therefore, finally he has become honored in the Three ..(more)
Video-1066 Buddhist Stories:The Bad Karma of Being Unfair
The rich person said, “Oh, don’t, don’t be so sad. If you want to liberate yourself from the woman’s birth, from being a woman, and in the next life become a man, then come with me to pay homage to the Buddha.” So, the girl went together with the rich man. And then ..(more)
Video-1067 Buddhist Stories: The Merit of Becoming a Renunciate
If you had seen Buddha and became His monks, then you have such and such merit. Even the Buddha is not there anymore, if you follow His teaching as written, keep the precepts as the monk does, and are very sincere in your heart, really want liberation, then you will ..(more)
Video-1070 Buddhist Stories: The Story of Ananda, the Names of Hells & the Praise of the Buddha
“My life is not my life anymore. My life belongs to all of you. Whatever affects you, affects me. Whatever I have to do, I have to do. All because of you. I don’t have a life. I don’t have any freedom. I don’t have even freedom to choose my clothes or to wear what ..(more)
Video-1071 Equanimity Of The Buddha: The Story of Ni Đề
Whenever you quarrel or you do things negative to each other or have such negative feelings or energy, then you make a hole in your protective net of your center and your community. And then the negative can seep in and make more trouble. I don’t take any money from ..(more)
Video-1071-2 Earth Store Bodhisattva Sutra: Benefiting the Living and the Dead
This is for the people who are ignorant, who have no refuge in anyone, who have nowhere to go, no one to believe in, no one to rely on. So, you are the ones who probably have to help these kinds of people so that they don't fall to hell. Because if nobody prays for ..(more)
Video-1071-3 Earth Store Bodhisattva Sutra: Praises of King Yama & His Followers
If they committed great offenses and go against my teaching, then it may different. Maybe the Maya has the excuse to come and seize them anytime, even before their allotted longevity. So, there are such things as early death. There are such things. Not only for outside ..(more)
Video-1071B Buddhist Stories: The Names of the Buddhas and the Merit and Virtue of Giving
If Thus Come One is making too much trouble for you to remember, just say Boundless Body Buddha. “If man or woman hears,” this is long, long time ago. This Buddha is long, long past already. Asamkhyeya eons ago already means countless, countless of Earth time. You ..(more)
Video-1074 Buddhist Stories: "Wish-Fulfilling Jewels"
Now, I just want to tell you, just want to remind you. Because all of these stories and the merit that you acquire when you take care of the Buddha’s stupas, or you offer to the living Buddhas or the past Buddhas or the sangha - all of this is for the ordinary people - ..(more)
Video-1075 Buddhist Stories: "The Past Lives of the First Five Disciples"
It’s not like you became enlightened, then just like that all the people come to you, bow to you and offer fruit and flowers and then you just rescue them. You have to do something first, so that the Lord of Karma like, certifies you, thinking you are good enough to ..(more)
Video-1077 Buddhist Stories: The Layperson Who Offered an Ashram to the Buddha
In the Buddha's time, there was a person named Vimalakirti. He was a layperson, a lay disciple of the Buddha. But his wisdom was so high, He was a great bodhisattva. Many people were delivered because of him, liberated because of him. Sometimes the bodhisattvas are not ..(more)
Video-1078 Buddhist Stories: "The Story of Cai Su"
Not every Buddha has affinity with many beings in order to come and deliver them or teach them. Shakyamuni Buddha, lives after lives, asamkhyeya eons, has done a lot benefit to many beings in Heaven as well as on Earth. That’s why when he became Buddha, he had a lot of ..(more)
Video-1079 Buddhist Stories: "500 Beggars"
All these stories are for you to practice, to remember, to encourage you to meditate. You must remember all that, and you must continue reading, listening, so that at home, you keep yourself in the same path, in the straight area. Keep your mind clean and determined. ..(more)
Video-1080 Master Treats the Working Staff
In appreciation for their devotion, Supreme Master Ching Hai lovingly shared vegan ice cream with the working staff. She encouraged them to be humble like trees. A tree that grows a lot of fruit bends down lower. People should do the same. Good people are very humble. ..(more)