01373-V0397 Have No Illusion About Enlightenment
01373-V0397 Have No Illusion About Enlightenment
No. 01373-V0397
Category / Lecture
Event date / 1993.11.27
Place / (USA) San Francisco
Language / English
Time (mins) / 1h47m41s
Publication No. / video-397
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  • Summary

We have been always enlightened, we are always enlightened.
Just a little bit obscurity, and that is what it is.
 It is not easy to bring home this abstract ideas
with simple and ordinary words .But when we understood that,
it is deep inside us and it become part of ourselves
and then we feel very easy and elated.
But that is one of the intellectual enlightenment only.
In the Zen meditation sometimes
they call that sudden enlightenment  or immediate enlightenment,
because one word of the teacher set you free in some part
or maybe set you free a great deal or completely.
But then again why we have to meditate after enlightenment
or after we already understood what the master
or the teacher wanted to say?
It is because we have too much habits , too much knowledge in the past
that one time is not enough to convince us that we are enlightened.
We probably will forget it tomorrow or the next day.
So we should repeat the experience of enlightenment again and again
until our mind also accept it. Because it's not enough that the soul,
that the real self recognize itself, because the self has always known
the self anyhow, our Great self already knows itself.
But because we are in this world, we have to do everything
with this instrument, that is the mind, the computer,
that is the tool that we have to use to work in this world
to bring the blessing and the power of love into the chaotic environment
in order to make a better world for our children and many generations to come.
The mind is very powerful instrument and that's what hinder us
life after life that we cannot know God, that we cannot know our real position in the universe. Therefore we cannot always overlook him, we must befriend him,
we must let him know why we do this and why we do that until the mind completely accept and become our good friend then we can be very happy and relaxed.