01312-V0373 Above the Intellect
01312-V0373 Above the Intellect
No. 01312-V0373
Category / Lecture
Event date / 1993.05.15
Place / (Korea) Pusan
Language / English
Translation / Korean
Time (mins) / 1h44m22s
Publication No. / video-373
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The way of the world is to be done through different languages,
and relying on many different technical equipment.
Still sometimes we have difficulty to understand each other.
Therefore we have war, we have conflicts, we have a lot of unsolved
problems in this world.
The only way to turn this world into heaven is to do it the heavenly way.
That is to keep the heavenly way of life, the moral standard
When in the old times, with all the wise kings and all the wise citizens
and to learn the teaching from heaven and to live accordingly.
there is a direct link to heaven within us
if we know where to push the right button
But because this is invisible, therefore we have difficulty to find it
Now the Master is someone who know where it is and can show us how to do it
Ther are many ways to reach heaven, but there is one accurate way and the
quickest way
Heaven and Nirvana can be abtained while we're working in this world
And therefore most of our fellow practitioners are just ordinerry beings
In our bodies, in our selves, there are many different places for different
And there is one place for the connection with the Buddha's land or
That place is a little bit above the eyebrow and in the center of our so-
called brain.
There is no physical instrument or ways in this world can touch that
the only way to be able to open it is through heavenly power.
That's why heaven has to send some beings from time to time to help us to
remember how to do it.
We are actually always in touch with heaven
but because of too much karma we are unable to see.
Therefore if someone who has acquired this power, they can help us to open this,