00386 Where Is the Almighty Power
00386 Where Is the Almighty Power
No. 00386
Category / Lecture Tours-Asia
Event date / 19880708
Place / Tainan,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 82
Publication No. / video-11
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Splendid Content~

The Almighty power takes care of us every day after we turn it on; no matter where we go, what we do, so  we shall not go wrong. Originally our mind was also controlled by this Almighty power ; but this power was not developed fully because our mind went bad or we did not press the correct button .

After we find this Almighty power, we can find anything. If we do not discover this Almighty power; we could lose everything, even our soul would disappear. So the Bible says: “What is the good if a man wins the whole world but loses his soul?” Shakyamuni Buddha also urged human beings to recognize their own Buddha nature. The most important thing is to realize one’s Buddha nature at once by practicing spiritually.

If we don’t recognize the kingdom of God within us, nothing we do is good enough. Actually the more we do, the tighter we are bound to the Three Worlds. It’s because we use our mortal brain to do good things, so the merit reaped is limited. If we use our wisdom to do things, we will gain infinite merit. 



1. It is said that Maitreya Bodhisattva would not come to this world till 5.6 billion years after Sakyamuni Buddha entered Nirvana , that’s when Buddha was reborn into this world. But why it’s said in Amitabha Praise, “His Inner Illumination has transformed into countless Buddhas”? Come listen to Master elaborating the true meaning of Amitabha Praise and eradicating the Myth for sentient beings.

2. Why it’s said that we’ll be really hopeless and all go to hell if there’s no living Buddha on earth? Master reveals the method to find infinite merits by citing the example in which Budhidharma replied to Emperor Wu of the Liang Dynasty that there is no merit by building temples or alms giving.

3. How do we know if we’re getting into trouble by intervening the law of cause and effect when helping others?   Were Buddha and Bodhisattvas  also intervening the  law of karma when delivering sentient beings?

4. Why did Shakyamuni Buddha advise his son to become a monk when he asked for heritage?

5. What’s the difference between the gold in this world and that of the Western Paradise?

6. Is there any merit of Sutra chanting? Why did Master say that chanting is useful only after enlightenment? 

7. Practicing Quan Yin Method will liberate five generations. Is it the liberation from the Three Realm? 

8. Which kind of freeing captive animals  is meritorious? Why did Master say that participating group activity of setting captive animals free was not meritorious?

9. The ordinary body is  dirty, ignorant and coarse. Why does it become precious and beautiful, and the body is the Buddha after one attains Buddhahood?

10. What’s the difference between Jade Emperor, Goddess the Queen Mother and Buddha?

11. Is it true of the saying that woman practiced five hundred lifetimes less than man did?

12. Should one be afraid of the harm of black magic when practicing the Quan Ying Method?

13. The six Patriarch HuiNeng passed on the Quan Yin Method to ten disciples, why was the Dharma linage lost in China afterwards?

14. The six Patriarch HuiNeng stated that our world was one hundred and eight thousand miles away from the Western Paradise. Why did Master say that we could get there in a split second when we practice the Quan Yin Method?