00112 The Job of Bodhisattva Mahasattva
00112 The Job of Bodhisattva Mahasattva
No. 00112
Category / Lecture Tours-Asia
Event date / 1986.10.04
Place / (Formosa/Taiwan) Taipei
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 1h29m51s
Publication No. / "The Immediate Key of Enlightenment", Chinese version(vol.5)
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  • Summary

Our souls are the true Prajñāpāramitā. Originally the soul is the same as Prajñāpāramitā; there's no difference. Hes has the same great wisdom. Hes himself is the great wisdom, the great Tao, the original Self, and Buddha nature. However, when hes comes to this samsara world, hes is enveloped by many things and forgets hirs original Self.

A Mahasattva can help us to gradually take off the thick and heavy clothes on us layer by layer, then we can also see our original Self later.

Therefore, the most important thing is to meet a Mahasattva and learn the method from hirm. We should invite hirm to teach us the Tao or way that leads us back home, or go beyond the three worlds and liberate us from life and death. This is the sole duty of Mahasattva, which is to guide us beyond the three worlds and to be liberated from life and death.


  1. In Buddhism, we often hear the name of "Mahasattva" or "Bodhisattva Mahasattva"; what exactly is the meaning of "Mahasattva"?
  2. The job of Mahasattva is very special -- to come to this world of samsara and take old souls back home. What does "old souls" mean?
  3. The appearance of a Mahasattva is just like us. Hes needs to wear clothes after coming to this world. But what is the greatest difference between hirm and ordinary beings?
  4. There are various ways of binding us to this world, everyone being so busy running around, what is the purpose of earning money all day long? What is our real purpose in life?
  5. The earthly happiness is different from heavenly bliss; happiness in this world is really karma. How can happiness be karma?
  6. With a little merit, we can go and live in heaven for a very long period of time, which makes us feel that we are going to live forever without getting old. Why do we still have to come down and become humans, ghosts, animals or plants?
  7. Before becoming Buddha, we cannot deliver any sentient beings, nor are there any beings for us to deliver; when we give alms to other beings, there are actually no alms to give. Why is it so?
  8. There are many "teachers" teaching spiritual practice outside, but how can we know which one is the true master and the true Mahasattva?
  9. Amitabha Buddha is not what we would normally expect to see - -wearing gorgeous clothes. That's not true! So what is the real Amitabha Buddha?
  10. If we were unable to see Amitabha Buddha or the infinite light during our lifetime, does that mean we would not be able to see the infinite light at the time of death? Why is this?
  11. Many ghosts and evil spirits, angels and dragon gods very much like to become humans because humans can practice spiritually. Why should one be human to practice?
  12. What does eternal liberation mean? Why do we need to be liberated? What do we do after liberation? Some think this world is extremely beautiful, so what is the problem if we cannot come back?
  13. Spiritual practitioners can be divided into many levels. The worst are those on the first level. They do not practice themselves, but only go to listen to a Mahasattva's lecture out of curiosity and see what special powers hes has, or to see what hes talks about in hirs lectures. Can such persons also be changed by the power of a Mahasattva and begin to practice spiritually?
  14. The Diamond Sutra says, "Our mind should dwell nowhere." What does this mean?
  15. Ji Gong the Living Buddha was originally a monk. How could he eat chicken drumsticks?
  16. According to other masters' lectures, it was said that Shakyamuni Buddha ate pigs' feet and later suffered from diarrhea.Was it true?
  17. According to the Shurangama Sutra, people who eat meat cannot become Buddha but only become the King of Maya at the most. The Hinayana Buddhists eat meat, so will they become kings of Maya later? Are they still Buddha's disciples?
  18. Some people do not practice themselves but only pray to Bodhisattvas for blessings with money making. Will Bodhisattvas bless him with money making?
  19. Bodhisattvas respond to all beings' needs and give anything sentient beings ask for, don't they?
  20. After learning this method with Master, will Master take me up if I die without attaining the Tao?
  21. Do Master's manifestation bodies require Master's own command?