01986 A Youth Passion
01986 A Youth Passion
No. 01986
Category / Between Master and Disciples-Film Collection
Event date / 20060612
Language / English
Time (mins) / 70
Publication No. / DVD-771
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Did you know that Supreme Master Ching Hai wrote Her First poem when She was only 7 years old? Would you like to hear about Master’s first love?Master gives us an interesting account of Her early years as a young student, and of her feelings as a youth.

At the age of fifteen, Master lovingly gave intensive care to Her ailing father for one month. Yet, despite all Her efforts and longing, circumstances prevented Her from extending Her filial piety to Her dying father for the last time. It was truly heartrending. This reminds us to always cherish every opportunity to express our love to our parents. In addition, Master calls upon the whole world to face up to the global warming crisis by conserving energy all of the time and by protecting the ecological environment. If we could stop producing weapons and use our resources in the right manner, no one on this planet would ever starve again.

What’s special about Master’s “Hungary Outfit”? Why did Master always wear these different-colored “cave clothes” during the Hungary retreat?