00292B Master Will Appear When the Time Is Right
00292B Master Will Appear When the Time Is Right
No. 00292B
Category / Between Master and Disciples-Group Meditation
Event date / 1987.10.25
Place / (Formosa/Taiwan) Taipei
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 31m06s
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  • Summary


According to all scriptures, an enlightened Master will appear when it is time. We become human beings so that we can practice spiritually. It is normal to search for an enlightened Master, but why do some people fail to find one even after decades? That’s because it is not yet time and the enlightened Master is not ready to appear. This is like a teacher not allowing us to advance to secondary school and university until after we have graduated from primary school.

It’s not us who find the enlightened Master, but He who finds us—using various ways—when it is time. Master knows where we live and has been taking care of us since we were in our mother’s womb. He accompanies us as we grow up. Whatever work we do has already been arranged. He will take us back to our Heavenly Home when it is time.


  1. If a spiritual practitioner has yet to find an enlightened Master, what kind of attitude should he/she have?
  2. Is each enlightened Master the one and only? Why don’t masters appear in the form we expect?
  3. What trouble will a mind with too much imagination bring? How can we maintain an ordinary state of mind in spiritual practice?
  4. Master tells the story of the flute player and the princess, reminding us not to listen to our own illusions when searching for an enlightened Master.
  5. Why should we not try to rush to become a Buddha? Is it true that the more nervous we are during spiritual practice, the harder it is for us to make progress?
  6. Is it the duty of all human beings to practice spiritually? Why is searching for an enlightened Master the original purpose for each of us?