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00283B To Practice The Quan Yin Method Is the Safest Way
Every human, animal, and being is illuminated by the Buddha light and enveloped by the power of great compassion. Therefore, we are all brothers and sisters. Each country is like one individual room, one here and one there. If we own the big mansion in which we live, ..(more)
00284 How to Recognize a Real Master
How to recognize a real Master? People discriminate between Masters based on their own imagination. They are attached to the Buddha's name and bound the wooden Buddha, eagerly "searching for enlightened Masters". Supreme Master Ching Hai said: we have very rich ..(more)
00285 What Is Maya's Hindrance
It's dangerous to meditate on your own without a great enlightened Master, because there will be Maya's hindrance. Our souls are likely to get out during our meditation. Without the protection from the power of a great enlightened Master, the power of Maya, or lonely ..(more)
00291 Only Balance of Yin and Yang Can Leads to Buddhahood
There should be neither Yin nor Yang in the highest level, but most of the time we are either too Yin or too Yang. In Taoism, there is a Tai Chi Circle, half of it is black with a white spot in the center; the other half is white with a black spot in the center. That ..(more)
00292A Karma Does Not Exist Originally
Quan Yin practitioners will surely transform if they really follow Master's instructions in their spiritual practice. It is impossible for them to remain the same, because the power of the sound meditation is incredible and it will help us cleanse all our karma. Only ..(more)
00295 Truth Can Never Be Alone
When Shakyamuni Buddha, Jesus Christ, Lao Tzu and Confucius lived in the world, even though many people did not like them and attacked them, they still talked about the Truth. Truth can never be diminished. The Truth they spoke of is still well-known today and has ..(more)
00297 Becoming Buddha Is the Greatest Merit
Why do Buddhas and Bodhisattvas come to this samsara world without encouraging us to pray for worldly blessings? Will it bring immense merit if we make offerings, build temples and print sutras? Supreme Master Ching Hai explains that immense merits are only immense in ..(more)
00300 The Power of Vibration Can Remove Karma
Can our karma be removed by prostrating to repent, worshiping mountains and waters, contemplating the Zenist cases, and practicing breathing? Supreme Master Ching Hai points out that Karma is invisible. It is the influence gathered and recorded in previous and current ..(more)
00301 Sound Stream Is the Material of the Universe
If we do not use the creating power of the universe to realize our wishes, it will not be of much use, no matter what we pray for. The sound stream is the material and the creating power of the universe. We can use it to create both heaven and hell; therefore, we ..(more)
00302 Spiritual Practitioners Should be Peaceful and Positive
Supreme Master Ching Hai hopes and encourages spiritual practitioners to have a positive attitude and to be optimistic. We should say positive and nice words instead of negative ones. If we want to improve our practice and avoid Maya's hindrance, we should have a ..(more)
00303 Out-of-body Experience Is Different from That of Tathagata
Why doesn't Master teach the out-of-body method? What is the difference between the out-of-body method and the Quan Yin Method of ultimate liberation? The so-called out-of-body experience is our astral body going out of the physical body; this can be done without much ..(more)
00304 How to Recognize Master’s Blessing
The enlightened Master can manifest blessings in different ways. Some can see Master appear in one form, and some can see Hier in another; some can see the light and some can hear the sound. All of these are Master’s blessings. Not everybody can see Master’s ..(more)
00305 All Methods Are for Spiritual Practice
To live a happy life, we should look at every place as Buddha's place, everyone as a Buddha, and every situation as a blessing and arrangement of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. The world is originally perfect and there's nothing to worry about. That's why Lao-tzu said, ..(more)
00306 The Soul Will Know What Is True
Why do people like to go to bright places? That’s because we love our inner Buddha Light, our own Light, which our soul longs for but cannot find; therefore, we grab something fake from outside in the belief that it will satisfy us. However, it gives us no ..(more)
00309 Spiritual Practice Is to Attain the Tao and See the Buddha Nature
We spiritual practitioners attract a lot of good atmosphere to ourselves, so we feel at ease and lucky after we practice. We meet good people and any problems we may have are quickly solved, or disappear or turn into small ones. Many spiritual practitioners are ..(more)