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00137 Spiritual Practice Is Not Done Through Outer Means
We recite the sutras in order to understand the Truth; we also come to lectures for the purpose of understanding the Truth. We want to understand why we need to do spiritual practice, why we need to be liberated from life and death, and why this world is full of ..(more)
00142 Enlightenment Is Buddha and Ignorance Is Sentient Beings
In the eyes of an enlightened person, everyone is a Buddha. If you truly practice, some day you will realize this level and know that all beings are Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. There would be no sentient beings without Buddhas, nor Buddhas without sentient beings. ..(more)
00144 Only Karma Will Be with Us When We Leave the World
In this world, no matter what we have, we should leave them behind when we leave the world, including our most beloved ones, the most cherished wealth and the best treasure, none of which can be taken away by us. At that time, we are very, very lonely. Nobody would ..(more)
00171 There's Only One Way to Liberate Oneself from the Three Worlds
No matter what religion or sect they are in, people who are truly searching for the Tao and practicing spiritually must get liberated from life and death and go beyond the Three Worlds. We have to know how to get liberation from the Three Worlds-this is the most ..(more)
00172 All Spiritual Practice Methods Are The Quan Yin Methods
Enlightened Masters teach only the same thing - to save and liberate beings; they transmit the same method, the one and only method for liberation, that is the Quan Yin Method. Whatever it is called, be it Pure Land Method, Universal Gate Method, Prajnaparamita Method, ..(more)
00173 Know Our Own Buddha Nature
What does Great Master mean? It means Buddha. The word Buddha means a highly enlightened person with light and great wisdom in Sanskrit. So with respect, we call him Buddha, a great master, a true teacher, a great teacher, a great and benevolent advisor, or great ..(more)
00174 We Must Rely on the Quan Yin Method to Be Liberated from Life and Death
By focusing on the Wisdom Eye, our mind will become very happy and gain much understanding, and it can help us go beyond the Three Realms quickly. Once one has passed the Three Realms, the ordinary mind no longer exists. All that exists is our soul, original Self or ..(more)
00175 The Meaning of Being a Buddhist
What does it mean by being a Buddhist? A Buddhist is someone who is very kind and virtuous, practices spiritually, and at the very least keeps the five precepts: no killing, no stealing, no alcohol, no telling lies and no adultery. If he believes in Jesus Christ and ..(more)
00176 The Secret of the Wisdom Eye
From the top of our head to the four extremities, there is one area that can be called dark which blocks our wisdom from passing through; even if it does pass through, it may change negatively. Therefore, it is probably that our mind is thinking of very good things, our wisdom ..(more)
00183 Astral Beings
After we die, we cannot go to heaven without great merit. With more merit, we can become heavenly beings. Only those with the greatest merit can become Bodhisattva. The case of becoming Buddha is very, very rare, so now we won't talk about it. Those who haven't earned ..(more)
00184 What is Enlightenment
Enlightenment has the meaning of Ming Bai (clear and bright); there is sunlight and moonlight in the characters of Ming Bai. We will see Buddha's light and our own light when we get enlightened, which is our own Buddha nature. Buddha nature is different from the nature ..(more)
00185 Where Does Karma Come From
The environment of this world makes us regress easily and become more stupid and worse. This is a world of form, color and discrimination; therefore, when we come to this world, we will become an outward being. Our mind is frequently distracted by things we like, so we ..(more)
00186 Benefits of Practicing the Quan Yin Method
In the Lotus Sutra, Shakyamuni Buddha called the Quan Yin Method the "Dharma Lotus Method" or the "Lotus Method"; in the Diamond Sutra, he called it the "Diamond Method"; in Amitabha Sutra, he named it as the "Method of the Pure Land ". Perhaps because of these ..(more)
00187 One Can Go to Heaven Only by Keeping His Body, Speech and Mind Clean
If we want to go to Heaven, we should know the law in Heaven and respect it by keeping our body, speech and mind clean. Body means we purify our body by avoiding eating the dirty meat of animals. This is the most important. Heavenly beings are so kind that they cannot ..(more)
00188 The Real Lotus Sutra
The Quan Yin Method is the simplest and the most natural method. To practice spiritually, we should go with the Tao. We can't use the body or the mind of an ordinary being to practice. We need to give up everything from the body, speech and mind of an ordinary being. ..(more)