00571 Human Body Is Invaluable
00571 Human Body Is Invaluable
No. 00571
Category / Lecture Tours-Asia
Event date / 19890509
Place / Kaohsiung,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 99
Publication No. / video-78
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Q: Master, can Heavenly beings practice spiritually? The Heavenly beings seem to have greater merit than humans, but humans are more precious than Heavenly beings. So who has greater merit? M: Humans. Humans have greater merit. The Heavenly beings can’t practice spiritually, except when they earn a big blessed reward, so that they can reincarnate as humans and meet an enlightened Master. Without going through the form of human body, no being can really practice spiritually. Understand? That’s why it’s said that human body is the most precious. Heavenly beings are our servants originally. We should understand this. When we go to the high realms, the Heavenly beings would pay tribute to us, prostrate to us, beg us to give them lectures, save their lives, help them to be enlightened quickly, to be humans quickly, or live longer. Humans are the most precious. But only when humans have attained Tao, then they are the most precious. Otherwise, humans just crawl on this earth and can’t benefit any sentient beings.