00556 Who Is Earnestly Waiting for Us
00556 Who Is Earnestly Waiting for Us
No. 00556
Category / Lecture Tours-Asia
Event date / 19890412
Place / Pingtung,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 101
Publication No. / video-69
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Master told a story of the Outlaws of the Marsh and explained  that Buddhas and Budhisattvas had really to go through “a thousand difficulties and ten thousand hardships” in order to deliver sentient beings in this physical world. The maya king confuses people with various pitfalls. He traps us here with comfortable material enjoyments of the world such as women, alcohol, fame, money, and physical properties  . Buddhas and Budhisattvas are like the general in the story. They are very worried  that we may get lost and it would be too late return Home. We pray all day long to Buddha, God, and the Providence to save our lives and take us to a safe, peaceful,  and everlasting happy world, but when Buddha comes to our world, we refuse to go and don’t follow his way. Master reminded fellow practitioners to remember that the door is already opened, but we should walk through that door  ourselves. What’s the use of Master walking through it Herself. Master can’t walk through it for you. You have to walk through it yourself.


1.We have heard that fixed bad karma can’t be changed. However, if we meet a good master who teaches us a good method, even the fixed bad karma in this  lifetime can be changed. Would you like to know how to acquire the ability to change the fixed bad karma? How does Master change the fixed bad karma?

2.Why do we say that having an enlightened master is the most important thing? Master said even if we could learn a so-called Quan Yin Method, suppose this Quan Yin Method could be written down, without an enlightened master, we still shouldn’t learn it.

3.Who do we say that the world is upside down? A truly enlightened master is one who is concerned about our life and death. He sacrifices for us. He goes to hell for us, walks the mountain of swords for us; and he cleanses our sweat for us. He goes through countless sufferings for us in silence. But if he occasionally appears a bit harsh and pushy to us, we get upset with him and we criticize and slander him. We don’t know he does these things for our own good. However,  the maya king sets up sweet and comfortable traps, yet we think he is nice. We don’t know he is the real vicious one who steals our soul, our freedom and our chance to get liberated from life and death.

4.After the enlightened masters such as Shakjamuni Buddha and Jesus Christ left the world, people called themselves Buddhists or apostles and spread their  scriptures, but they don’t have the spiritual experiences described in the scriptures. Who deserves to be called their disciples?

5.After initiation, our five generations will be elevated, but how are  our relatives who have already reincarnated and become humans beings to be elevated?

6.There are so many suffering sentient beings. Why are  so few Buddhas  willing to come down to this world?

7.If the parents are initiated, how should they encourage their children to receive initiation, too ?

8.If a person is destined to be vicious, selfish or ill-fated, can his fixed bad karma also be resolved?

9.Why does Master’s picture radiate light? Do you want  to listen to the explanation from a professional photographer?

10.Why doesn’t Master do exorcisms? Master said they (the ghosts) are very pitiful beings. Master will teach them, improve them, and educate them; Instead of expelling them, She takes them to where they belong, so they can enjoy their spiritual level. Later, when they reincarnate and become humans, Master will educate them again. 

11.If we always rely on the powerful beings such as Budhas, Budhisattvas, God or deities, we are not considered enlightened, but are just being virtuous and faithful, which is helpful to our spirit, and comforting to our life. But in the end, we still have to rely on ourselves. The Quan Yin Method teaches us to rely on ourselves.

12.Master reminded the audience that we shouldn’t stand in one place and be bound by preconceived ideas or narrow, conservative concepts, and we shouldn’t be deceived by fame, profit, jealousy, or our desire to save face to the extent that we miss an opportunity to learn or a chance to be liberated from birth and death, and to become a Buddha or Bodhisattva to save ourselves and others.